Aluminium Services

1. Manufacture of Aluminium Doors and Windows

All units manufactured according to specific customers order requirements, for any of our Aluminium Door and Window range.

All products are manufactured with strict quality control and according to all AAAMSA and SAGGA requirements and regulations.


2. Supply and Installation of Aluminium Doors and Windows

We Supply to your specific dimensions by aluminium product type, colour and installed by our teams within 10 – 15 working days (if not sooner!).


3. Aluminium Doors and Windows for Patios and other areas

Patio measurements taken by our sales representative and then manufactured accordingly including the necessary sealing work and potential beams, posts or cladding where required.


4. Conversion of Steel or Wooden Doors and Windows, to Aluminium doors or windows

Our sales representative measures and then manufactures according to your specific dimensions by product type, colour and installed by our teams.


  1. The removal (breaking out) of the existing steel/wooden out of the reveal, and installing the new Aluminium units – sealing the unit once installed.
  2. Cutting of the steel window framework, installing Aluminium channels over the steel framework and inserting the Aluminium window into the new Aluminium channels.
    *The second option is not as dusty as option 1, due to plaster work not being broken in option 2.


5. Modification of existing Windows into any Door Type

Manufacture to the specific dimensions by product type, colour and installed by our teams within 10 – 15 working days.


  • The removal of the existing window, breaking out the existing wall structure to floor level.
  • Installing the new door type and plastering the reveal once the door is installed.

*This does not include any paint work or tiling by Sequ-door.


6. Servicing and repairing Aluminium Products

On-site quotations for a similar range of security products which we manufacture, indicating either specific components or parts to be serviced, maintained or replaced. Our quotes comprise of materials, labour and travelling.


  • Patio Sliding Door
  • Palace Sliding Doors
  • Sliding Folding Doors
  • Hinge Doors
  • Pivot Doors
  • Sliding Doors & Vents


  • Top Hung Windows
  • Side Hung Windows
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Vertical Sliding Windows
  • Fix Panel Windows
  • Top and Side Light Windows
  • Butt Join Windows