Patio Enclosures

DSC03237We specialize in enclosing various types of patio structures with a full range of our aluminium products, to extend your living space as well as give you the freedom to safeguard your assets by locking it all up once you have completed the days entertainment.

With certain products for example the sliding folding door, you also have the luxury of opening these units to the maximum which provides you with about 85% – 90% of the opening area once the door is in the full open position. This then also does not eliminate the patio effect for the summer time as the patio remains open. In the winter time you have the flexibility to close the units entirely and still get to use your entertaining environment.


  • Weather proofing suitable for all seasons
  • Enclosing your existing patio with our aluminium units.
  • Permanent outdoor belongings to be kept safe.
  • Improved sound proofing