Pivot Doors

This door comes in a single panel door and moves on a rotating pivot set which is mounted at the top and bottom of the door, and is made to be one of the more stylish and modern products which allows for designs to be created in the panel.

The frame work of the doors are 76mm wide.

All doors come standard with a roller catch lock and for added security as well as fancy chome handles, which allows you to open the door from the exterior as well as interior.

We use 6.38mm laminated safety glass in all our pivot doors for added safety and security in the event of either an accident or possible forced entry. Double glaze glass & tinted glass is also available on request.

This is extremely popular in your entrance door way openings ranging between 750mm – 1500mm wide.

Various colours are available, both standard and non standard colours.

All the above products come with a 1 year workmanship guarantee and materials guarantees vary depending according to our suppliers guarantees.

All materials & manufacture processes conform to only the highest standards to ensure quality guaranteed which our existing clients are happy to share with you. We manufacture, supply & install all our hinge doors to any size within the limitations of AAAMSA, so custom sizes are welcome

The Aluminium Pivot door is a very stylish and modern Aluminium door, a specially as a main entrance into a building. Based on the same pivot mechanism as Wooden Pivot doors, however it will transform your front door from dull to glamorous. Client input into the design of the Aluminium Pivot door is also welcome. All Pivot doors comes standard with 6.38mm Laminated glass although different glass options is available.