Decorating your patio, balcony, or lapa for any season is a lot of fun and can get your guests in the mood for a fun evening when you entertain. While decorating seems to come naturally to some people, for others it requires a little more thought and planning for a beautifully created space. Read here for seven quick tips to making your patio festive this season and a joyful atmosphere this December.

1. Choose a theme and scheme:
Before you being to throw the tinsel about, take some time and carefully choose the theme you’d like and the colour scheme for you patio festive wonderland. Instead of going for the conventional red and green decorations, why not choose blue and gold or something a bit different and exciting!

2. Use what you have:
Take out all your past decorations and possibly reuse them by giving them a spray of paint or a makeover. This could be a fun task to get the kids involved in.

3. Make use of textures:
Textures are the key to great decorating, whether indoors or outside. Fortunately, this time of year gives you many wonderful textures to make use of. Tinsel, ornaments made from different materials, ribbons, pine cones, pine-leaf tinsel, wreaths, berry-looking ornaments, glass, twine and so many other items lying about provide fantastic textures for your festive decor.

4. The secret to volume:
Nothing is worse than a patio you’ve spent hours on decorating and everything looks flat. Make your tinsel, ribbons, and ornaments pop and stand out with a big decorative voice by building them up with tissue paper underneath. More volume means more va va va voom.

5. Use inexpensive Lighting:
Lighting used elegantly adds an element to the overall atmosphere. White fairy lights hung around windows and doors gracefully frame the area both outside and brings some of that festive ambience inside too. White lights are a far more elegant option that can match any scheme far better than colourful lights.

6. Add the Glam:
Nothing says festive like some glamorous features. Add a few lanterns with burning candles, a glass bowl with shiny and decorative ornaments stacked, some wrapped faux gift boxes and scented candles can really help pull the patio together.

With these six tips, your patio will be the belle of the festive ball and the most desired party venue for your friends and family.


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