Having a patio is of great recreational benefit to your family and home. But enclosing a patio will allow you an additional beautiful space where you can enjoy the outdoors from within the warmth and safety of being indoors.


Here are 5 reasons why you should enclose your patio, which will:


Shelter You and Your Family from unpleasant weather elements like heavy rain and winds, and extreme heat or cold. It will keep out bugs and insects and prevent leaves and debris building up on the patio and in bad weather you will still be able to relax and enjoy your patio.


Create Extra Living Space

Essentially you are adding an additional room which extends your living space and, when opened up, lets in lots of light and sunshine. It can serve many purposes such as a family entertainment area, family room, a sunroom, for hosting parties, or as a TV room for laid-back watching of sports or movies on rainy weekend afternoons. 


Enhance Your Home’s Security

A patio enclosure can be attractively designed to increase and enhance the security of your home – a factor which is always of great concern to homeowners these days. 


Create a Safe Area for Kids and Pets

When securely Slam-locked, there is no risk in leaving your children unsupervised to play in this enclosed outdoor living space while you attend to meal preparations or other chores elsewhere inside your home. They will not be able to go outdoors, run away or be abducted by criminals.


If you prefer that your dogs sleep outside at night for security purposes, then this enclosed space is ideal for their safety and sleeping quarters.


Add Value to your Home

Enclosing a patio not only increases and beautifies your living space but with the opportunity, it offers for multi-purpose uses this will also increase its value and entice more buyer interest when you are ready to sell. 


An enclosed patio can be a beautiful, modern and aesthetically pleasing additional living space with an indoor/outdoor blend that is designed and customised to meet your specifications. So, if you need your patio expertly enclosed, please contact us: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/