Security Gates

Four ways our Security Gates keep you safe during Loadshedding

With the unpredictable power outages, ensuring the safety and security of your home is very important. That’s why our range of security gates are your best option when it comes to keeping your family and valuables safe.

Bring in sunshine and not criminals with our Security Window Slider or Fixture


When the power goes out, your home becomes very vulnerable to burglary. An unsecured window can be the easiest point of entry for criminals. With our Security Window Slider or Fixture, you can rest assured that your home is secured.

Our range includes:

  • Security Window Slider
  • Security Window Fixture

Not sure which one is best for your windows? Our friendly staff are just a call away and ready to assist. 

Put your fears aside with our Side-Lock Slider Security Gate

Whether your front doors or smaller openings lock left or right, our Side-Lock Slider Security Gate is perfect for your home or office. Above keeping you safe, our expandable security door folds together to reveal more of your daylight opening for you to enjoy. It’s no wonder why they are our most popular trellis-style expandable security gate.

Enjoy your patio with no worry with Centre-Lock Slider Security Gate

Your patio and pool area should be about relaxing with family and enjoying beautiful views. It can, however, become an entry point criminals take advantage of when the lights are out. Our Centre-Lock Slider Security Gate is the best choice when it comes to keeping the areas in your home or office that have larger openings secure. Just like all our expandable security gates, they also offer a SLAM-lock for added safety in emergencies.

Give your home a second line of defence with Inside Block-Offs

Criminals have seemingly gotten a lot more of an advantage with loadshedding. The darkness and security alarms being off gives them all the time they need to break in to your home or office. As safe as security gates might be, your home can never be too secure. That’s why adding Inside Block-Offs to close off your bedrooms is one of the best things you can do for the safety of your family and office.

Our job is never fully done until our customers are safe and satisfied with the best quality products. If you’re looking to revamp and reinforce your home, give us a call and our team won’t rest until you receive the best service around.


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