how to choose a security company

How to Choose a Reputable Security Company? (3 Minute Read)

Regardless of where you live or where your business is situated, private security assurance is an investment in the protection of your property, possessions, and those within, whether they are family or employees.
In South Africa, there are approximately 900 security companies available for the public to make use of, so it can be a little daunting to choose the right one. Here are the five primary elements you need to consider before you decide.

1. Reputation & Accreditation:
Search online to find out which security companies have been highly recommended and which have poor reviews. Security companies who are registered with a reputable regulatory body will ensure that customer service is a priority and high standards are met. A proven track recorded goes a long way to ensure that your safety is their priority.

2. Location & Area Visibility:
It simply won’t do to sign up with a security company that’s not available in your area or that does not know your area well enough. Find out who your neighbours have signed up with and put those companies on your shortlist, a higher presence of security will shorten response times as well as make potential home invaders think twice. Some companies may station permanent patrols in an area they secure.

3. Identify Your Needs:
Take a look around your home or business and take note of what security measures you have in place, such as fencing and perimeter security, alarms, and burglar proofing. Deciding how much security you need from a company will help you narrow down the list and possibly the monthly fee.

4. Read the terms of the contract:
As with any contract, you will need to read it thoroughly and make sure you understand each section and the terms of service.

5. Take your time & Interview:
Your families security is a matter of life and death, make sure you do all the proper checks and interview the service providers. Find out what the response time would be and how the alarm or beams would activate the response.

With hundreds of options and these five considerations, there will definitely be a company that works well to suit your particular needs.


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