Secure your home with 40% OFF Expandable Security Gates and Burglar Proofing

Secure Your Home With 40% OFF Expandable Security Gates And Burglar Proofing

There’s no better time than now to improve the security of your home. With loadshedding getting worse, criminals have started using the dark of the night to leave homeowners feeling even more powerless.

Electronics sometimes fail, that’s why you need the added safety of our Expandable Security Gates and Burglar Proofing.

Fortify your home with the best Burglar Proofing

When it comes to securing your home, we have a wide range of burglar proofing solutions for you. They are a perfect way to secure your home, your belongings and most importantly, your family.

Get a quote now to enjoy 40% OFF our Burglar Proofing products which include:


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    Stay safe with Expandable Security Gates

    Our range of Expandable Security Gates act as a strong barrier to potential home invaders, ensuring that they can’t gain entry into your space. Our security gates come with advanced features such as:

        • Standard SLAM-lock on all gates

        • Double upright square tubing design for added strength

        • Gates are secured on all four sides ensuring a rigid fit

        • Additional reinforcements between scissors

        • No plastic working components

        • Available in various popular powder coated colours to match your Aluminium Doors


      All these benefits are there to ensure that you and your family are safe at all times.

      Don’t miss out on our amazing 40% OFF deal. Speak to our friendly staff to get a quote that is perfect for you and your home.

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