security shutters can secure your lifestyle

Three Ways Security Shutters can Secure & Enhance Your Lifestyle (3 minute read)

Since Sequ-Door’s partnership with Blockhouse, we have delivered a groundbreaking home and office security feature which not only keeps your property safe but enhances the quality of your lifestyle too. Here are the three main benefits to adding Security Shutters into your home or business.

Security Shutters have been created to suit most building styles by taking the fundamental elements of the genuine shutter design and adding a blending sleekness that architects and interior designers seek for their projects. These security barriers provide both light control and insulation, removing your need for curtains. The visually appealing nature of these Security Shutters will add to your home’s aesthetic, property value and security.

2. Ventilation:
Unlike many security and window combinations, the Security Shutters add a controlled ventilation system allowing you to decide how much natural airflow you desire in the home or office. The easy-to-use opening mechanism gives you smooth control over how wide the shutters are opened.


3. Security:
While the Security Shutters may look delicate and simple, they are a high-security option by design. The aluminium that is used is secured by a protective powder coating that ensures the integrity of their life span while preventing any corrosion. The light but tough aluminium components ensure that any intruders will experience a difficult time breaking-and-entering, giving you time to safely react and give the police services time to apprehend any would-be intruders.

Our internal Security Shutter each come standard with a five-year warranty and our external shutters come with a three-year warranty. Ensure you have the most tastefully designed and secured safety feature in your home or business with Blockhouse Security Shutters.

Sequ-Door has grown into one of the leading companies in South Africa for the manufacture and installation of high-quality aluminium doors and windows, expandable security products, burglar proofing and security shutters.

We specialize in home conversions and patio enclosures with our aluminium doors and windows, while our robust range of security products will put your mind at ease. All our expandable security doors and windows come standard with the Slam-Lock feature, providing instant security in times of emergency.

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