What better time than the New Year to spruce up your home by replacing your older steel windows and doors with new, sleeker aluminium ones? In the past, steel was often used as a material of choice for windows and doors; however, thanks to the affordability and versatility of aluminium, more and more people are starting to say goodbye to their older steel windows in favour of converting to aluminium. 

So, if you’re thinking of making the conversion from steel to aluminium, here are some important things you should know:

  • Aluminium is significantly more affordable than its steel counterpart which, in some cases, can be as much as double the price. When choosing to upgrade or replace your older steel windows and doors it’s important to choose an option that is cost-effective without compromising on quality and durability, which makes aluminium an excellent choice – especially if you need to convert all the windows and doors in your home.
  • When it comes to weather resistance, aluminium is much better equipped to withstand the elements without the risk of degrading, than steel and therefore lasts longer. This makes aluminium windows and doors an excellent choice to replace older outside-facing steel windows and doors.
  • Steel is prone to rust and corrosion and, as a result, it inevitably requires additional maintenance during its lifetime, which can be expensive. Switching to aluminium windows and doors will eliminate the need for additional maintenance as aluminium is made with special anti-bacterial qualities which ensure that it is not susceptible to rust and corrosion.
  • Steel windows and doors require glazing putty when they’re being fitted. This putty is prone to degradation over time and as a result, may also require additional maintenance or even replacement to ensure that it doesn’t crack and cause damage to your windows and doors. Aluminium windows and doors do not need glazing putty and as such are both easier to install and less likely to require additional maintenance of the putty along the way.
  • Switching from steel to aluminium windows and doors can enable you to create a more modern feel in your home.
  • Unlike steel, which has to be hand-painted, aluminium windows are available in powder-coated finishes which give them a more polished appearance.

Aluminium windows and doors are a practical and cost-effective replacement for their steel counterparts, making the replacement a real no-brainer. So, if you’re looking to say goodbye to your steel windows and doors and hello to modern, aluminium frames; contact Sequ-door to find out more about our wide range of aluminium products today.

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