Spending time with friends and family out in our beautiful South African weather is a past time enjoyed by millions every day, but what do you do when the temperature begins to fall? During the day, winter can be very comfortable and enjoyable to spend outside and enjoy a braai, but we all know the hassle when we need to move inside as dusk approaches.

Imagine if there was a way to enjoy your patio all winter without the cold becoming a problem?

Here are four reasons why you should have your patio enclosure installed before the air turns crips to enjoy your winter.

Add Aluminium Sliding Folding Doors
Patio enclosures are the ideal home addition to keep unpleasant weather away by protecting you, your family, and your guests. The patio enclosure will give you the perfect additional living space for entertaining during cold days and freezing evenings with the lovely sensation of being outdoors. So what makes aluminium the ideal material for your patio enclosure?
● Aluminium is a versatile, light-weight metal.
● It is anti-corrosive and ideal for weatherproofing homes and home extensions.
● Aluminium is available in a wide range of colours.
● It will help to blend your patio enclosure seamlessly into your homes already existing foundations.
● This sleek option can be manufactured into a variety of different door and window styles for your patio to cater to your lifestyle, from sliding folding doors to palace doors, from horizontal sliding windows to the classic bay window.
● Aluminium is cost effective, giving you your dream patio enclosure at an affordable price.

Choose your Interior Design
Patio enclosures provide the perfect canvas to express your unique style of interior design.

● Choosing from a combination of materials such as glass, aluminium and even canvas and wood can give you the ability to choose how you want your patio enclosure to look both inside and outside.
● Dress your patio enclosure up or down by adding a variety of textured blankets and throw pillows and heaters for added comfort.
Whether you use the enclosure to help modernise your home or keep it in tune with the original building, the freedom of style is yours.

Customize your living space
No patio enclosure will be the same and it’s up to you to choose how you want it customised. With a skilled team of designers and professionals, you can choose to add a new roof, style of walls either brick, glass, or plaster walls, chic aluminium windows and doors, additional outlets and your choice in lighting fixtures. Where your patio enclosure falls on the scale outdoor to indoor space is up to you.

So with winter on her way and South Africans love for entertaining. Why not contact Sequ-Door for your obligation-free quote and get your home winter-ready with your own custom made patio-enclosure!

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