The current power outages due to load shedding may have resulted in an increase in criminal activity so securing your home, business and family should be a priority. 

Here are some tips to help secure your home during load shedding.


Secure your Doors with Expandable sliding doors

Make sure that your sliding doors are secured with quality expandable security doors. Your garden beams and alarm system may not have a battery backup or may let you down so having an extra security barrier will prevent criminals from gaining easy access.


Secure your windows with burglar bars

Windows are one of the most common entry points for burglars and therefore installing burglar bars and burglar proofing on all your windows will ensure that it is not an easy access entry point.


Security Shutters

Security shutters are not only beautiful but also an essential safety component. They are versatile and allow light into the rooms, adding both security and privacy without sacrificing aesthetics. 


Light up the Landscape

Burglars, vandals and other criminals don’t like the exposure of light hence installing motion-sensing lights will help to prevent unwanted intruders. Installing lights around your front and back yards and keep the globes replaced.


The Garage

This entry point is becoming more popular with criminals hence ensuring your belongings are properly guarded by a strong garage door is very important. Make it a habit to lock all doors to the garage both interior and exterior, you can also set an alarm system or additional locks to keep you and your family safe.


Back up inverter/generator for your alarm and lights

With the help of an inverter or generator, essential appliances such as lights and your alarm will work seamlessly, enabling you to turn on safety and security devices during power outages. 




Need to find a reliable and robust range of products to properly secure your home?

Sequ-Door has grown into one of the leading companies in South Africa for the manufacture and installation of high-quality security doors, security windows, and burglar proofing. All our expandable security doors and windows come standard with the Slam-Lock feature, providing instant security in times of emergency.


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