1. Safe Patio Entertaining

We love our patios – it’s where we entertain with good friends and family, relax and get to enjoy our great weather. But how safe are we on our patios? With security being top of mind these days, enclosing your patio makes good sense, but adding extra Security to it, is where we can help. Not only can you enclose your Patio with our various Aluminium options, but you can install Expandable Security doors on the inside of your patio Enclosure, keeping the doors locked, whilst having your Sliding Folding Doors open to enjoy the fresh air.  Therefore, adding increased Security to your new Patio Entertaining space.


2. Increases your living space

An enclosed patio adds an extra living space to your home, whether it be to entertain on your patio, a reading room, sunroom or extra living space.  Enclosing your patio with our Aluminium Sliding Folding Doors for weather protection or open up to enjoy the outdoors, and extra living space.


3. Protects your patio furniture

The lifespan of your patio furniture is increased, as it is not exposed as much to the weather elements when being left outside. Therefore eliminating or slowing down, fading, peeling or discolored furniture.


4. Comfortably entertain in all weathers

Entertainment can continue whatever the weather – safe from the sun on very hot days, the dirt and dust on windy days, the wet on rainy days and the cold, chilly days of winter. With an enclosed patio, the weather will not spoil your fun or chase away your guests.


5. Customised to suit your needs 

Your patio enclosure can be customised to meet your personal needs:

  • Aluminium Sliding folding let in lots of natural light and fresh air but can also ward off dust, insects, wind and rain.
  • Aluminium Sliding Folding doors (Stacking doors) with vents also allow in extra ventilation in milder weather and don’t obstruct the view.
  • It’s best to choose doors with strong aluminium frames – aluminium is a high quality material, is well suited to our climate and can withstand everyday wear and tear and resist unwanted entry. View our wide range of sliding aluminium doors at: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/aluminium-door-range/ 


There are many ways to customise your patio to your needs that will also add beauty and functionality to your home. Security shutters, the latest trend in home décor, are a stylish replacement for curtains. Sequ-Door’s stunning security shutters:

  • are manufactured from robust aluminium
  • are fitted with a lock pin from top to bottom for extra security
  • are available in five colours, white, grey, light grey, bronze or charcoal, to beautifully match with your interior design. 
  • have adjustable louvres to allow as much airflow, natural light, outside view and privacy as you want. 

With Sequ-Door’s security shutters, this is where style meets security. View our impressive range at : https://www.sequ-door.co.za/security-shutters/


6. Adds strength to your home security

One of the most important benefits of an enclosed patio is that it strengthens your security. It provides a safe indoor outdoor space for you and your family and guests and, with the addition of robust expandable security doors or security shutters, is a barrier to any intrusion – whether during the day or at night or when you are on holiday. 


Our most popular expandable security door is the Side Lock Slider. This is because it locks either on the left or right side, to your preference, and when retracted open, it can be folded back revealing more natural light. For more information, visit: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/security-doors/ 


7. Adds greater value to your home 

Having an enclosed patio increases the size of your home, thus increasing its value. And, with expandable security doors or security shutters installed on your patio, your home security is reinforced. The strength of a home’s security is a prime consideration these days for prospective buyers and will add still further value to your home.


Enjoy your patio! Enjoy entertaining on your patio but, for peace of mind, make sure it’s safe. With an enclosed patio you can have the best of both worlds – a lovely, bright, all-weather, fun entertainment area and a strongly protected space to keep your home, family and guests safe. 


For more information on our superb and versatile security options, visit: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/security-doors/ and https://www.sequ-door.co.za/security-shutters/


For more information about Sequ-Door and our patio enclosures, visit: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/patio-enclosures/  or  https://www.sequ-door.co.za/


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