Service, Excellence, Quality, Unique – these are the words that best describe our Company. Sequ-Door is uniquely positioned to offer aesthetically pleasing solutions in the form of our various windowed options as well as elegant folding doors.


Aluminium Window Products

Our windows and sliding folding doors are tailor-made to fit our client’s unique architectural design requirements. Sequ-Door offers a number of window solutions for your patio that are not only durable and well made, but are also energy efficient. Stylishly reframe your view and allow maximum light and ventilation into your patio.


Butt Joint Windows

These windows offer an almost unobstructed view of your surroundings as glass meets glass to form a joint. Wrap your patio in an elegant panoramic view.  This window solution will require sufficient support to be secure, but will guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and permanently protective feature to your home.


Benefits & Features


  • More light and less obstructed views.
  • Various glass options are available.
  • Fully weatherproof.
  • Available in various popular powder coated colours.


Fixed Panel Window 

If you’re looking to permanently close off your patio space to create an additional room for your home then our fixed panel windows are the solution you need. These amazing windows come in a variety of designs and sizes and allow for expansive sunlight. Perfect for a secondary living room or personal gym.


Benefits & Features


  • Custom design.
  • More light and viewing enjoyment for the client.
  • Seamlessly built in to match your chosen door options from our range.
  • Maximum and minimum sizes depend on profile thickness.
  • Available in various popular powder coated colours


Sliding Folding Doors

Our sliding folding doors are designed with the main entrance-ways and exterior spaces in mind, that is why they are also perfect for your patio. 


What’s more is that our versatile sliding folding doors are customisable too to create a feeling of joining the interior and exterior of your property. 


Sliding folding doors create patio enclosures that are fully weatherproofed, and can include custom built-in ventilation options. Not only do they lock and close during the winter time, but can open up your home for cool breezes during the day as if they were never there during summer.  


Have fun and create your own style. You’re not limited to only one option. Why not try a combination of doors and windows to add the benefits of all styles?


Security & peace of mind


So there you have it, a fully sectioned off patio utilising a combination of windows and aluminium patio enclosures we have on offer. Now that your patio is fully prepared to withstand the elements, consider including one of our security options to add that extra level of personal well-being.


Take a look at our various security options: Expandable Security Doors & Burglar Proofing


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