For many, December is a time for rest and recuperation with some much needed time off. However, there are those who see December as the busiest time of the year, home intruders. Nothing can ruin a great holiday like returning home to find your house has been broken into. This frightening thought is a reality for many South Africans, and many victims and burglars alike believe there is no justice after these crimes are committed.

The best way to ensure your home and possessions are safe while you’re away this December is to make sure your home is burglar proof.

Here are five precautions to take for your home security before you head on your well deserved holiday.

Caretaker / House Sitter:
Hiring a reputable house sitter to watch over your property while you’re on holiday is a common practice among many South Africans wishing to return to a safe home. Most burglars prefer to invade homes that are empty of people, as the chance of being caught or the situation escalating is greatly reduced. A house with someone coming and going and being present every night makes it much less of a target.

Who do you tell?
Posting your holiday on Social Media is never advised as you don’t know who may be following your accounts and might just use your absence as an opportunity. However, there a few people who you should inform of your leave. Ask a close and trusted neighbour if they wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on your property and to inform you if they notice anything suspicious in return for you watching their home while they’re away. Also be sure to inform your security company and request a few extra patrols.

Secure the Perimeter:
Ensure your gate, gate motor, and garage are properly secured and additional locks have been fitted. Install an electric fence connected to an alarm around your property or razor wire to deter criminals from trying to climb over the walls. Make sure any trees that have branches hanging over your wall and shrubbery have been well cut back to avoid false alarms.

Secure the Home:
Before you leave, it is important to make sure that any points of entry into the house are well secured. Ensuring that access is difficult will give security companies and police more time to get to the property and apprehend the intruders, and may even cause the intruders to leave if they cannot get in. Make sure the doors and windows are protected with security bars, gates, or security shutters and check that any extra locks or deadbolts are properly locked.

CCTV, Lighting, and other Tech:
Technology is a wonderful thing and the advantages are that it can provide homeowners with peace of mind. CCTV cameras make criminals think twice about which homes they invade, while sensor lights that can detect motion or be switched on automatically at specific times. These eliminate any blind-spots where criminals may hide and help the CCTV system capture their image more clearly. Smart technology which connects to your smartphone can give the illusion of homeowners being home while they’re away by switching on lights, music, television and even open and close blinds with the applications now available.

Remember that when it comes to home security, prevention is the best method for keeping your home and belongings safe. With the December crime spike right around the corner, why not contact Sequ-Door for an obligation free quote on our robust range of home and business security solutions.

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