Security Window Slider


Project Description

The same concept as our expandable security doors, this application is tailor made to fit your window for a high level of security while still offering you the ability to slide it open for use of the window opening and views. This is also particular useful in times of emergency.

Benefits and Features

  • Matches your security doors for uniformity Standard
  • SLAM-lock on all doors in times of emergencies
  • Double upright square tubing design for added strength
  • Additional reinforcements between scissors
  • Doors are secured on all four sides ensuring a rigid fit
  • No plastic working components
  • Available in various popular powder coated colours

Warranty and Maintenance

  • All outside installations come with a 3-year warranty
  • All inside installations come with a 5-year warranty
  • These warranties cover major rust, major powder coating
    peeling and defective locks.
  • All warranties do not cover misuse or neglect to the product
  • All defects will be verified by our suppliers against any neglect and
    further subject to care and maintenance as laid out by our “Security-
    using and maintaining” below.
  • This is to ensure your Sequ-Door security product works optimally
    and is a long-standing part of your personal security.
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