Our homes are our refuge – it’s where we rest, unwind and spend time with family and friends. In our homes we strive to balance beauty and security in one space. 

Having a safe and beautiful home is a dream for many, so it’s no surprise that South Africa has embraced beautiful security shutters


7 reasons why to install security shutters


  1. Custom designed

Security shutters are custom-fitted to your doors and/or windows, matched to complement your interior decor, making a neat and stylish replacement for curtains and blinds. These sliding door and folding door security shutters are perfect for external entertainment, pool or patio areas to create a feeling of safe, inside/outside living. 


Sequ-Door offers a 10 year guarantee on our security shutters if the materials and components were manufactured by our partner, Blockhouse Shutters, or a 5 year guarantee if the materials and components were not. 



  1. Security meets style

Security shutters are designed to add decorative sophistication to any home with the added benefit of strengthening your home security. Our security shutters are manufactured using aluminium – a  strong, durable, latest trend product with a low carbon footprint which will not bend, rust or rot. Available in five choices of colour – white, grey, light grey, bronze and charcoal – they will match and complement any interior décor style or finishes.



  1. Perfect for our climate

Security shutters are weatherproof and suitable for our climate, to keep out our cold winter and to protect us from summer’s heat and rain. Simply adjust the louvres to let in fresh air and natural light or shut completely to keep out the wind, cold or rain. 


  1. Peace of mind

Security shutters cannot be tampered with from the outside when the louvres are locked in place – adding another layer to your security without making you feel barricaded in or claustrophobic. They prevent criminals from seeing what’s inside your home, providing both security and privacy, and act as an additional deterrent. Our security shutters are also fire-proof and have a lock pin from top to bottom ensuring extra security


  1. Greater natural light and visibility control

The adjustable louvres enable you to control your view of the outdoors and the amount of natural light flowing into your home. They are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms – just close your shutter’s louvres when you need privacy or want to sleep, or open up to adjust your view and allow for airflow.


  1. Easy to maintain and operate

They are very easy to operate – just adjust the louvres with a slight flick of the wrist or release the lock pin on the door before sliding or folding. Maintaining and cleaning the shutters is also easy as aluminium is a low maintenance product. Click here:  https://www.sequ-door.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/BHS-Care-and-maintenance_16Nov2017.pdf


  1. Add value to your home

The style, beauty and greater protection we add to our homes with security shutters instantly raises the value of our property. 


So, beautify and secure your space with one trusted product and add value to your home all in one go. 


For a professional installation of security shutters, view our stunning range at: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/security-shutters/


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