The festive season is upon us and that means that many people will be locking up their homes and going on holiday. Unfortunately, the holiday season also means a marked increase in crime, specifically burglaries and home invasions. 

The 2019 national crime trends have shown an increase in robbery with aggravating circumstances, as well as the number of robberies in residential areas. These crimes see a notable increase of more than 8% during the festive season, starting from as early as October.  As such it is incredibly important that you take all the necessary precautions to burglar-proof your home.

When you leave your home, it automatically becomes a target for burglars as they canvas suburbs looking for homes that are easy targets. As such it is incredibly important that you take all the necessary precautions to properly secure your home.

  1. Before you leave, ensure that you have a working home security and alarm system and always notify your security or armed response company that you are going away, so that they can keep an extra eye on your home. Advertise that your home is covered by a security company as this might serve as a deterrent for potential burglars from targeting your home.


  1. Ensure that all your windows and doors are properly secured to prevent them from becoming easy targets for burglars. In order to fully secure your windows and doors you should look at installing security bars or burglar bars on your windows and security doors, as this will make your home a more difficult target, meaning that potential burglars are more likely to bypass it in favour of an easier target.


  1. Ask a friend or a neighbour to collect your mail on your behalf, as a build up of mail will indicate to potential burglars that you are away which in turn will make your home a target. 


  1. Make sure that your gardener continues coming while you are away, so as to ensure that your garden stays maintained. An overgrown or unmaintained garden is an easy indicator as to whether or not a homeowner has gone away. 


  1. Set a timer for your lights or leave your outside lights on while you are away. If a potential burglar looking for a home to target, sees a home that has all its lights switched off, it is easy to assume that the owners are away. By leaving your lights switched on or having your lights on a timer, it will give the impression that someone is at home. 


  1. Lock up all your valuables in a safe or keep them very well hidden so that in the case of a break in, burglars are unable to take anything of importance or sentimental value.


  1. Don’t leave any valuables visible as it might make your home more of a target if potential burglars can see that your home has valuables worth taking.


  1. Lastly, it is extremely important that you don’t post about your travel plans on your social media, especially if you have a public profile, as someone could decide to target your home based on information found on social media indicating you are on holiday.
  2. Check that all your windows have burglar proofing with robust burglar bars.


  1. Add a safe zone to your passage area using an expandable, trelli type security door, even if a burglar does get into your property they will struggle to get into the safe zone. Adding expandable, trelli type security doors to your patio and sliding doors will also deter the thieves.


Remember to make it as difficult as possible for them to choose your property by taking extra precautions. 

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