It’s been decided – you and your family ARE going away in December for a well-deserved break! 

But, what about your home? Will your house be unoccupied whilst you are away? If so, then don’t delay as now’s the time to check the security strength of your home.


We all know that December, being holiday season, is when burglars scour the suburbs for any unoccupied homes – ripe pickings and prime targets for opportunistic home invaders.


The high national crime statistics for South Africa 2019 reveal how extremely important it is to reassess your home security and take all the necessary precautions to properly safeguard your home

Robbery at Residential Premises = 22,341

Robbery at Non-Residential Premises  = 19,991

Burglary at Non-Residential Premises =  71,224


As burglars often bypass difficult targets in favour of easy targets, make sure your home is a difficult target.


Ramp up the security of all your windows and doors 

Check that all your windows and doors are properly secured. 

Consider installing robust burglar proofingrobust burglar bars or expandable security fixtures or sliders, on your windows and/or doors that will deter any would-be burglar.


Patio Protection

Often seen as vulnerable areas, patios need extra security. Expandable security doors added to your patio sliding doors will resist any intrusion. But, enclosing a patio has several additional important benefits – it further strengthens your home security, adds a safe indoor outdoor space and provides protection from all weathers and robbers, and has multiple uses. Adding this extra living space is a great addition to your home and will increase its market value.


Create an internal safe zone

Create a safe zone inside your home by blocking off your bedroom and bathroom area with an Expandable security door. Should a burglar gain entry to your premises then this will be an extra impediment to his entering any further.


Interior hiding place” for valuables

Conceal your valuables, sentimental items and important documents in a safe, hidden, lock-up, location or repository – within your safe zone. What can’t be seen, can’t be stolen!


Obscure the view into your home

Obscure the view into your home with the addition of curtains or stylish security shutters on your windows and doors. Shutters not only give your home privacy and security but also give you control over the amount of light you let into your space. If nothing is visible to potential burglars, then perhaps they won’t consider it worthwhile to attempt entry?


Active alarm 

Check with your armed response company that your alarm is in good working order – and again just before going on holiday.


Garage security

Vehicles always entice burglars so don’t forget to reinforce the security of your garage especially if housing a vehicle whilst you are away. Add robust remote locking garage doors and tough resistant burglar proofing to the windows.  

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Security gates & fence

Check that these too are robust, working well and haven’t been interfered with.  Check that overgrown trees are not damaging your electric fence.


Exterior and Interior Lighting

Ensure that the exterior of your property and patio is flooded with light leaving intruders visible and with no place to hide by arranging adequate lighting and/or motion sensors. Set up timer-switches on a few interior lights to give the impression that someone is at home


Now’s the time to beat the rush and get your holiday planning done early! Be thorough and make your home impenetrable by taking extra precautions. Don’t overlook your home’s security! You don’t want to have your happy holiday spoilt by any unpleasant phone calls! For peace of mind, check that all is in order and get professional advice if you have any doubts.


If you’re looking to make your home burglar secure ahead of the holiday season, Sequ-Door has all the answers for your home security and burglar proofing needs. For more information, follow the link:


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