The new trend in home décor is to use shutters, a multi-purpose solution providing privacy, security and a mechanism to control the natural light and natural warmth into a room.


Our shutters are only manufactured from aluminium, a strong, easy-to-clean, weather- and rust- and fire-proof product with a low carbon footprint. Our shutters are guaranteed – in summary:

  • 10 years Guarantee of materials and components manufactured by Blockhouse Shutters itself.
  • 5 years for materials and components of the Products that were not manufactured  by Blockhouse Shutters.

But for the full Product Quality Guarantee, please see:


Using Shutters in Your Home has many benefits. Some of which are:

  1. They have multi-purposes: to enhance your security, provide privacy, and control the light flow into your home.
  2. The aluminium louvres fit snugly to block out, or let in, the natural light – as you desire.
  3. They can be fitted on doors or windows.
  4. They are ideal indoors for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and lounges.
  5. They are ideal in humid environments like bathrooms because when opened after a steaming bath the humidity is released.
  6. They are a single, stylish replacement for both curtains and burglar guards on a window, and are weather-proof and allow for an uninterrupted outdoors vista, unlike curtains.
  7. They are ideal outdoors for patios where they create an indoor/outdoor secure living ambience.
  8. Outdoors they look like a folding aluminium door but with a lock pin from top to bottom for extra security.
  9. They are available in five choices of colour – white, grey, light grey, bronze and charcoal.
  10. They are the latest trend in home décor.
  11. They are easy to clean, click here: (


Sequ-Door takes pride in its quality security products and of its compliance and association with:


If you want to enhance your security as well as the inner beauty and design of your living space, be sure to have strong aluminium security shutters professionally customised to your needs and requirements installed in your home. Join the latest trend in home décor for a comprehensive security, privacy, and light-control solution, all at competitive pricing.


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