We understand that security is a major focus for homeowners in South Africa. Sequ-Door has been designing, perfecting, and installing slam-lock doors and barrier solutions since 2007 and we are market leaders who recommend only the best security options for your home security


As part of our promise to promote safety, we highlight why our slam-lock doors are an important addition to your home security complement.


The SLAM-LOCK feature


Slam locks are essential because they allow you the time to react quickly and create a physical barrier between yourself and an unexpected intruder almost instantly. This is the selling point of our doors and what they’re named for. How it works is based on a double locking system. An initial spring lock is used for the emergency slam-lock feature whilst a secondary lock is used for manual securing with a key. 


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Our slam-lock feature security doors are created using high-quality materials with no plastic working components. Our doors are reinforced with a steel roller that runs along the top track with galvanized legs bringing up the bottom section, thus ensuring that our physical barriers offer substantial protection to you and your family.


Increase the value of your home


That’s right. Security adds peace of mind to potential home buyers. Knowing that there is a fortified system of gates, windows, and doors is part of their potential home inclusion is a massive selling factor. However, be sure to add the form to function because not all security doors complement your aesthetic the same way that ours do, which means we won’t leave your home looking like a prison.


Take a look at our various aluminium options:



Peace of mind


Your home is your safe space, it is essential that you feel secure in it. Not only do we offer you the best in product quality and assurance, but we also want you to feel at ease. Rest easy in the knowledge that we have secured your assets, family, and personal well-being. For added security, take a look at our options for inside block off security features to better manage and lockdown sections in your home



Warranty & Maintenance 


We offer a comprehensive warranty for all our Sequ-door products, with cover against powder coating defections and glass delaminations, to hardware and workmanship. You can be rest assured, we have you secured!


See more on our detailed warranty plans: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/warranty-maintenance/


For a provider of superb barrier solutions, be sure to contact Sequ-Door for peace of mind at https://www.sequ-door.co.za/ and view our gallery at https://www.sequ-door.co.za/gallery/


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