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Protect your home from criminals during load shedding

Last month, South Africa was hit with weeks of scheduled load shedding. While most people were frustrated by the rolling blackouts, some people saw it as an opportunity. Criminals used the cover of darkness to break into homes and businesses. The security company, Fidelity ADT, saw an increase in home burglaries as well as business robberies during this time. Loadshedding will not be solved anytime soon, but you can maximise your family’s and property’s safety with these precautions.


Be vigilant

When entering or leaving your property, be vigilant and check your surroundings. Before you approach your gate, make sure your remote or keys are close by. You should also place solar or rechargeable lights near your gate and in your yard to brighten it up during load shedding. That way there won’t be any dark spots for criminals to hide in.


Secure your doors and windows

The best way to protect your home and business is to install quality security gates and burglar bars on your doors and windows. Not only will your family and property be protected during load shedding, but also 24/7 for 365 days a year! At Sequ-Door, we have a variety of expandable security doors and gates for you to choose from. Get in touch with one of our security experts to find a solution that works for you. Get a quote from Sequ-Door now!


Keep your phone charged

There’s nothing worse than needing to make an emergency call during load shedding but your phone battery’s dead. So, ensure you keep your phone as well as torches and backup batteries charged.


Never compromise on the safety of your family and property. Stay alert, stay vigilant and stay safe.

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