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What’s Trending in home décor in 2021?

2020, a crazy year for us, saw Covid and our declining economy take top focus. In 2021, it will be about doing our bit to help the economy, about living sustainably and how to elevate our living spaces into comfortable retreats as it is predicted that we will again be spending more time at home


Here are our top trends for 2021:


Taking Inspiration from Nature

One of the biggest international trends expected to endure into 2021 is creating harmony between our homes and nature. Give your home a pleasing refresh and bring nature into your home by incorporating these natural, eco-friendly styles.


Colour tones are earthy, warm and comforting with an occasional pop of colour. Dulux’s colour for 2021 is Brave Ground, a brownish shade reminiscent of soil whereas Benjamin Moore’s 2021 colour is Aegean Teal, a soft blue-green shade with a tinge of grey inspired by the Aegean sea. For more information, visit: https://www.dulux.co.za/en/colour-inspiration/all-you-need-know-about-dulux-colour-year-2021




Natural, organic materials like woven rattan, jute, bamboo and linen are adding texture and impact to the home in upholstery, carpeting, décor accessories and furnishings etc. Wood and wood effects, especially light coloured wood which creates a sense of tranquillity and spaciousness, add a warm, natural touch and are visible in flooring, furniture, cabinetry and wall finishes etc. 



Lots of pot plants, ideal for freshening our indoor air and lifting the mood in our home spaces, are making an appearance inside homes – even in the kitchen, as are easy-to-maintain vertical walls packed with a variety of mini plants or herbs, and lush, flourishing private indoor gardens. 


Bring more of what’s natural into your living spaces and feel closer to nature whilst spending a lot of time at home!


Minimalist-inspired interiors

Minimalist design is still a top trend for 2021. Denuded of clutter and down to its basics, furniture becomes the focal point with its clear, architectural lines beautifully highlighted. High ceiling and large aluminium doors. 



Kitchens, too, reflect this less-is-more design, with appliances and shelving hidden in the cabinetry out of sight. Even handles are seldom visible as touch style or edge-style cabinet pulls are in vogue. The modern kitchen look is bare with crisp, clean lines.



Bathrooms feature what’s natural with wooden elements, pebbles or pretty potted plants for a touch of greenery. Fittings in en vogue metals like brass and copper, known for their natural antimicrobial qualities, make chic striking statements.



Lightweight, soft, opaque curtains, in keeping with the simple, uncluttered look, replace heavier, patterned drapes and keep the space brighter. 


Home Offices

Integrated into our living spaces, work-from-home spaces popping up in nooks and corners to cater for our “new normal”, are kept neat and understated with all working tools stowed away when not in use. Minimalist is the design for 2021! 


Security Shutters

Security shutters, a beautiful addition to your home, not only let you control the amount of natural light into your home but also increase your privacy and security – important factors for us all now with so many more people working from, and spending time at, home. They are ideally suited for external openings and even humid areas like the bathroom. Sequ-Door’s stylish security shutters are available in five lovely colours – White, Grey, Light Grey, Bronze and Charcoal – to accentuate the interior design of any living space. For our beautiful range of security shutters, please follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/security-shutters/


Sustainable living and supporting local business 

The effects of Covid and our growing concern for the environment has seen a worldwide shift towards purchasing local and eco-friendly products more and more – from foodstuffs and packaging to furniture and fittings manufactured from sustainable materials, local has become the preferred choice. 


Let us adopt, or continue to apply, the principle of reduce, reuse, recycle.  

Reduce – only buy what you need to minimise your waste.

Reuse – find ways of reusing your excess food and other useful applications around the home for food containers.

Recycle – dispose properly of those items that you cannot reuse at your nearest recycling depot.

For more information, visit: http://treevolution.co.za/guide-to-recycling-in-sa/


For South Africa, this will continue to give a much needed boost to our ailing economy, will continue to protect our environment and, more importantly, will continue to preserve existing employment as well as developing and advancing new skill sets and more employment.


Do your bit! Think “sustainable living” and reduce, reuse, recycle in your homes, office and everywhere possible! Think of the environment and think of our economy and the high unemployment rate and buy natural, eco-friendly and proudly South African products whenever feasible.


Be on trend in 2021. Reduce, reuse, recycle and buy local. Give your home an injection of earthy inspiration and feel closer to, and in tune with, nature. But most of all, make your home your sanctuary where you can relax, recharge and feel cosy and comfortable. 


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