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Facts to consider when planning a home renovation

When planning a home renovation, there are many factors to consider but, in these times, enhancing your security should also be top of mind. There are many security devices and options to consider – such as lighting and security cameras around the premises or using a 24hr armed reaction security services provider – all of which have their own merits. But, the best way to thwart potential burglars is to make their access to your home totally impossible. 

As the most common points of entry to your home for any would-be burglars are your doors, windows and patio, these are deserving of the most attention and rigid security features. While you need to feel safe and secure, it is not necessary to compromise on style and aesthetics. 

All Doors and Windows should:

  • Be made from strong and robust materials.
  • Be tightly and securely fitted. 
  • Have strong locking mechanisms.
  • Be additionally reinforced with tough and resistant burglar proofing.

Sequ-Door, “an industry leader in the manufacturing & installation of beautifully designed, high quality aluminium doors & windows as well as a robust range of security barrier solutions”,  takes pride in being industry compliant and industry leading in its quality renovations customised to your specifications. We promise our installations will strongly secure as well as enhance the beauty of your home.

What Sequ-Door Offers:

Home Conversions

We provide a variety of home conversions by: 

  • Convert any wooden or steel door or window to aluminium door or window
  • Convert any sliding door, to our sliding folding door, that allows for more open space and opens up a room
  • Convert any existing window reveal to a door by the breaking out the window as well as the bottom brickwork below the window 
  • Modifying or widening existing reveals for doors or windows to allow for the installation of larger doors and windows to be installed

For more information, follow: (https://sequ-door.co.za/services/home-conversions-service/)

Our Doors are made only from aluminium and we offer a variety of door types, glass options and powder coated colours to beautify your living spaces.


For heightened security, we recommend the addition of expandable security doors.

Our Expandable Security Doors 

  1. Have no plastic working components.
  2. Come standard with a SLAM-Lock for extra safety and protection in times of emergency. 
  3. Are secured on all four sides ensuring a rigid fit.
  4. Have additional reinforcements between cross braces.
  5. Have double upright square tubing design for added strength.
  6. Are available in various popular powder coated colours.

We offer several variations:

Centre Lock Sliders lock in the centre of the expandable gates and, when opened, are equally spread on both sides of the opening.

Off Centre Lock Sliders lock just off centre of the expandable gates and, when opened, are somewhat spread on both sides of your opening depending where the off centre locking point is positioned.

Side Lock Sliders lock on either the left or right side of the door. When retracted open, our expandable security doors contract together leaving a wider opening to walk through.

Face-On Security Doors are fitted to openings where there is little or limited reveal space and does not obstruct or narrow any opening to walk through.

For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/expandable-security-gates/

Our Windows, made only from aluminium, are stylish, available in various popular powder coated colours and allow more light and ventilation into your space and can also improve sound proofing slightly along with temperature control due to improved seals on the windows. 

For our window options, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/aluminium-window-products/ 

For additional security, we recommend your windows be reinforced with strong, sturdy burglar-guards, or either a security window fixture or security window slider.

Our Burglar Guards are made from round or flat steel burglar bars and are powder coated to match your window’s colour.

Steel Flat Bars are made of 5mm hardened steel, don’t obstruct your entire window and deter any unwelcome entry through the vent opening.

Steel Round Bars are ideal for extra protection as the 16mm round bars are anchored by 25mm x 25mm square tubing, which is then secured on all four sides.

Being similar in concept to our expandable security doors but installed on windows instead, both our Security Window Fixtures and our Security Window Sliders 

  • Have double upright square tubing design to increase strength.
  • Have additional reinforcements between scissors.
  • Are secured on all four sides ensuring a rigid fit.
  • Have no plastic working components.
  • Are available in popular powder coated colours for colour-coordinating.

Additionally, please note that:

Our Security Window Fixture is not able to open, which increases your security

Our Security Window Slider can be opened by sliding it open and comes standard with a SLAM-lock feature for extra safeguarding.

For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/burglar-proofing-burglar-bars/


Patios are another common entry point for burglars. We recommend that you enclose your patio to avoid the theft of your outdoor furniture and patio items and to restrict entry to your home thereby providing extra security. Patio enclosures have the additional benefits of:

  • Extending your living area.
  • Providing weather proofing in all seasons.
  • Enhancing your security.
  • Providing sound proofing while entertaining later at night.

For more information on patio enclosures using our range of aluminium intruder barriers, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/services/patio-enclosures-service/

When renovating your home, an exciting but daunting undertaking, never overlook the need to consider and investigate an upgrade to your home security at the same time. Your home is precious and its security and your safety is of paramount importance in our current times.

For more information, follow the link: https://sequ-door.co.za/

Contact details: https://sequ-door.co.za/

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