Burglar Proofing

Increase the security of your home or business by burglar-proofing your windows with Sequ-Door. Our range of solutions are a much-needed security barrier that will keep your family, home, and assets safe and secure. For added convenience, we also offer sliding burglar bars with SLAM-lock protection.

We live in a world where securing your property is essential, and Sequ-Door, a premium supplier of burglar bars and burglar proofing in Gauteng, is here to make sure that you feel safe and secure in your own home. 

Even when living in a complex or secure estate it is important to make sure your home or business is secured with proper burglar proofing that is manufactured from high-quality materials to keep unwanted ‘guests’ from helping themselves to your hard-earned belongings. 

Burglar-proofing aluminium windows can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing and at Sequ-Door we can seamlessly integrate burglar bars for windows into the design of your home or business. 

Steel Round Bars

Steel Round Bars

Our steel round bars are a high spec security product when an extra level of barrier protection is needed. The 12mm round bars...

windows with stell flat burglar bars

Steel Flat Bars

Our flat bars are a 5mm powder coated steel bar which are secured to the windows opening to deter any unwanted entry through the vent opening...

big windows with expandable security gates

Security Window Slider

The same concept as our expandable security doors, this application is tailor made to fit your window for a high level of security...

window security

Security Window Fixture

The same concept as our expandable security doors, this application is tailor made to fit your window for a high level of security...

window with clear poly carb burglar bars

Clear Poly-Carb Bars

Designed to allow a clearer view than some of the other more robust burglar proofing solutions. Although these clear bars are aesthetically more pleasing...

Excellence in Burglar Proofing in Gauteng 

Sequ-Door does not just have burglar bars for sale in Gauteng, but also offers professional installation of burglar bars for aluminium windows, and has fantastic after-sales service. We make sure that you are satisfied with both our product and our services.  

Our friendly staff will assist you in finding the best burglar-proof solution for your home or business. We have a wide range of burglar bars for windows and will be happy to help you in securing your home or business. While chatting to our staff why not ask about our range of Aluminium Doors, and give your home a facelift? 

Why Choose Sequ-Door for Window Burglar Bars? 

At Sequ-Door we offer various options of burglar bars for aluminium windows, and we can enhance the security of your home or business with burglary-proofing for aluminium windows that offer: 

Versatility: At Sequ-Door we understand that you want your home to be both secure and aesthetically pleasing. That is why we can offer designs that range from our Steel Round bars to the almost invisible protection of the transparent Clear Poly-Carb Bars. 

The Steel Round Bars offer an extra level of barrier protection with 12mm hardened steel round bars, whereas the Clear Poly-Carb Bars are made off 5mm Poly Carbonate Bars, and are ideal for complex or estate living, where the risk is less. 

Durability: As premium burglar bar manufacturers in the Gauteng area we believe in offering only high-quality products as can be seen with our Steel Flat Bars which are made of 5mm hardened steel and powder coated to match your window’s colour. All outside installations come with a 3-year warranty and cover major rust, major powder coating peeling, and defective locks. 

Efficient Installation: We don’t just send you the burglar bars, and expect you to burglar-proof your own aluminium windows. We have a team of expert installers who come and ensure that your burglar bars, Security Window Sliders or Security Window Fixtures, are installed properly and work efficiently. The last two are tailor-made to fit your windows for a high level of security.  

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