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How to Choose the Best Home Security Products – October 2021

While it may not be something we like to think about, security is a huge concern for many South Africans. According to Stats SA, housebreaking is the number one crime in South Africa. Their report titled Governance, Public Safety, and Justice Survey 2019/20 paints a grim picture. The report found that an estimated 1.2 million incidences of housebreaking took place in 2019/20 financial year, affecting 891 000 households in South Africa. This represented close to 5% of all households in the country. Fortunately, you are not at the mercy of intruders. There are steps you can take to reinforce your home and deter potential intruders from breaking into your home. While many homeowners are prudent enough to install burglar-proofing  and security gates, some are not sure how to go about choosing the right products. Here are four tips to help you choose the best security solutions for your home.   Start by Assessing Your Current Security Barriers First things first: [...]

The stats are in – It’s time to increase your security. 

SAPS has finally released its crime stats for the first three months of 2021. Despite the fact that our ministers are impressed with an overall decrease in crimes by 8.5%, we at Sequ-Door feel crime shouldn't be taken lightly. Let us help you secure your home and/or business with our wide range of options.   Looking at the numbers The South African Police Services releases quarterly reports on crime stats that help us analyse crucial areas that need improving. Although we are pleased that the stats have shown an overall decrease in crime, the number of household related break-ins, in particular, have only gone up.   In 2020 during the months of Jan and March, there were a total of 4916. That number has increased to 5288 during the same months in 2021. For non-residential premises such as shops, restaurants, and business. Those numbers have also increased by a marginal 2%.   Despite the fact that lockdown means fewer people [...]

Half-Term Holiday Activities

But wait a minute! Haven’t the school holidays already happened? Well, yes. But time goes so quickly that we’re already at the end of the 2nd term! That means that our kids are home for the winter half-term that we all know can last for quite some time. Let’s face it, you’ve probably tried a whole list of activities to keep your kids busy and out of trouble and as time goes by, they tend to get bored of them. Never fear! We have composed a list of tried and true activities guaranteed to keep them occupied now, and every holiday afterwards! Cooking and baking ideas for stay-at-home moms. Sometimes, having to take care of the kids during school holidays can feel like we’ve entered back into a hard lockdown. But for the stay at home mums who love to cook, getting your kids involved in the process can make for a great occasion packed with abundant memories. Spend time [...]

Patio living in winter, get it right the Sequ-Door way

Service, Excellence, Quality, Unique - these are the words that best describe our Company. Sequ-Door is uniquely positioned to offer aesthetically pleasing solutions in the form of our various windowed options as well as elegant folding doors.   Aluminium Window Products Our windows and sliding folding doors are tailor-made to fit our client’s unique architectural design requirements. Sequ-Door offers a number of window solutions for your patio that are not only durable and well made, but are also energy efficient. Stylishly reframe your view and allow maximum light and ventilation into your patio.   Butt Joint Windows These windows offer an almost unobstructed view of your surroundings as glass meets glass to form a joint. Wrap your patio in an elegant panoramic view.  This window solution will require sufficient support to be secure, but will guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and permanently protective feature to your home.   Benefits & Features   More light and less obstructed views. Various glass options [...]

Form & Function – Where style blends with security

Home security, especially in SA, should be everyone's top concern. Yet it's important from both a design and a functional perspective that security essentials blend seamlessly with your modern home decor. We take a look at some of the key security areas of your home from an interior design perspective to suggest ways in which you can best organise them in functional, yet creative ways.   Entrance ways The front door is the gateway to your home. Not only does a stunning front door appeal to our sense of personal pride, but so too does it deter criminals when combined with modern security. The style and modern appeal of aluminium hinged doors with a faded or clear glass interior is a timeless appeal with all the security and decorative features rolled into one, with the use of laminated safety glass. The versatility of these doors allows for both interior or exterior use. Take a look at our range here: https://www.sequ-door.co.za/product/hinge-doors-double-single/?portfolioCats=143 [...]


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