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Tailored Security Solutions for Peace of Mind: Sequ-Door delivers robust security barrier solutions, customized to fit your needs. From expandable security doors to durable window burglar proofing, we ensure the safety of your home or business. Our expert team manages the process from on-site measurements to efficient installation and relocation.

All our Security Barrier Solutions are strong and durable, measured and custom fitted to suit your needs and to keep your family safe. One of our representatives will be sent to your premises to take the onsite measurements. We will then manufacture and install the burglar proofing within 3-5 working days from the date your quote is accepted.

Expandable security doors
We provide the latest in excellently crafted expandable security doors which are fitted with slam hook locks.

Burglar proofing on all types of windows
Sequ-Door provides strong, durable window bars and fixtures to protect your home or business.

Removal and re-installation of security products
We can remove installations from your current property and re-install at another location.

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