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Sequ-Door was founded in 2007 and over the years, we have established ourselves as an industry leader in the manufacturing and installation of sleek, high-quality aluminium doors and windows, shutters and blinds, as well as a robust range of security barrier solutions.

There is no budget too big or too small, and all our clients receive the same level of service delivery and excellence.

Our effective supply chain and supplier relationships ensure we can offer our clients extremely competitive pricing with unrivalled lead times. That’s more value for money without unnecessary delays.

All Sequ-Door’s aluminium doors and windows are manufactured in accordance with the strict design standards set out by AAAMSA and SAGGA, ensuring a stylish and safe product for your home or business.

Quick Facts

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Our products are locally manufactured and we support local industries and aid in job creation.

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We are a SADC registered exporter. Importers from SADC Countries will pay little to no import duties – making us a great trade partner!

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Our aluminium doors and windows adhere to the strictest design standard, to ensure your product is safe and properly suited to the application.

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Our expandable security doors are made from A-grade materials with no plastic working components.

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Providing our clients with a glazing compliance certification upon completion of an aluminium door or window installation.

What does Sequ-Door stand for?

Four values serve as the foundation for our business interactions:

S – Service

At Sequ-Door, we lead our business practices with a customer-focused approach. Every quote, manufacturing job, and installation is performed with a focus on providing the products and services our clients need to live a secure life.

E – Excellence

Providing excellent customer service and product installation is just the beginning. We also go the extra mile to ensure the fastest lead times and the most competitive pricing for our products and services. This is done by securing a solid supply chain and forming strong relationships with our respective partners.

Q – Quality

Only the highest quality materials are used to manufacture our expandable security gates. Our SAGGA accreditation allows our products to be fortified with a unique glazing procedure that lengthens product lifespan and reduces the maintenance required.

U – Unique

Each of our products can be customised to suit your lifestyle and design needs. This means that each Sequ-Door project is as unique as the client who commissions it.

To ensure that our clients have the best possible experience when working with us, we have formulated a customer-focused service plan.

Here’s how the Sequ-Door sales process work:

  1. Request a FREE quote
  2. Our booking administrator will contact you to arrange for a professional sales rep to meet onsite, at a time convenient for you
  3. Onsite evaluation and product presentation will then be done to better understand and incorporate your needs and ideas, as well as to answer any questions you may have
  4. A quote is then generated and then sent to you
  5. If you are happy and the quote is accepted, it must be sent to the office along with a deposit
  6. You will then be contacted to ensure all your invoicing details are correct
  7. The installation date is then planned within the agreed lead times and the feasibility of the proposed time and date is communicated to you
  8. Unique and special-order materials are ordered ahead of time, while standard product materials are readily kept in stock
  9. Prior to installation date, pre-installation information regarding the site is obtained from you to make the installation more efficient
  10. Units are then manufactured, quality checked, and wrapped in accordance with Sequ-Door’s quality standards
  11. On the installation date, the installation team will call you and confirm the approximate time of arrival
  12. The team arrives and commences the installation work. Although installation can be a messy job, we do ensure we do our best to keep the area neat and tidy in a manner that is conducive to quality workmanship
  13. Once the installation is complete, the delivery note is signed. Credit card machines can be used to make a payment on site, if required
  14. Final payment is made once you are completely satisfied. Should there be any queries – they will be dealt with to ensure that you are happy with our products and new secured space

Client satisfaction drives us to go the extra mile!


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