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It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry! 8 Essential Must Haves in Your Safe Zone (3 Minute Read)

With the crime statistics on the rise it is essential that you are safe rather than sorry. Create a safety zone in your home that can give you the time you need to get help should you be faced with a home invasion. A secured safety zone should be constructed using robust burglar proofing barriers such as burglar bars, expandable security doors with a SLAM-Lock feature and security gates. There are several other items which should be included in your home safety zone at all times to provide you with the tools you need in an emergency.
Read below for the eight essential items you need in your safety zone.
      1. Cell Phone
            Keep your cell phone in the safe zone so it is easy to access in an emergency, this will
            ensure that you can call for help. Save an emergency number in your speed dial list to
            ensure quick and easy communication.
     2. First Aid Kit
           Store an easily accessible first aid kit in your safety zone which includes the basic
           medical supplies as well as any specialised medications you or your family may need
           such as EpiPens, asthma inhalers and insulin.
     3. Spare Chargers and Battery Back-Ups
           It’s common practice for us to try and keep our phones charged at all times, however,
           on the odd occasion, they do run out of battery. Ensure that you have a spare charger
           cable or small generator should the power be cut.
     4. Your Keys 
           Don’t leave your keys outside of your safety zone where they can easily be taken by
           home invaders. Keep all sets of keys, including house keys, car keys and office keys
           safely behind your physical security barrier when going to sleep for the night.
      5. Torches and Additional Batteries
            Darkness can cause panic and confusion which is why some burglars will cut the
            power supply before breaking into the home. Should you find yourself in a situation
            without electricity, having a torch and a spare set of batteries can help guide you in the
      6. Emergency Numbers
            With smartphones and easy access to information, the need to remember telephone
            numbers has become redundant. For this reason, it is important to keep a written list
            of emergency numbers or saved numbers in your phone that you can speed dial from
            within your safety zone should you need to make an urgent call.
      7. Panic Buttons
           During a home invasion, the first thing you need to do is contact help and convey the
           severity of the situation. Panic buttons provided by your security company, when
           pressed will alert them to your situation without provoking the burglars, sending a
           speedy response team.
     8. Fire Extinguisher
           Fire extinguishers are a must-have piece of safety equipment that should be kept in
           every home. Place your fire extinguishers in easily accessible locations and include
           one in your safety zone allowing you to react properly in the worst-case scenario.
           Remember to first learn how to use them correctly.


With these eight crucial items behind your safety zone, you can rest assured that you and your family will be prepared for any event. 

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