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Is your workplace secure?

Anyone who sets out in search of office property to rent or buy has several security considerations to make before they make their final choice. Installing the latest security solutions is paramount, but it’s equally important to reflect on the type of security essentials that work best for your building.

We’ve put together a short list of questions every business owner should ask themselves to determine how secure their working space is.

Is the building adequately burglar proofed?

High-quality burglar-proofing solutions need to be resilient enough to withstand attempted invasions without ruining your building’s aesthetic appeal. Make sure burglar-proofing is installed on every exit and window in the building to ensure maximum protection.

Does the building have access control?

Access control is defined as a system of ensuring that all staff are accounted for, who they say they are, where they should be at all times, and whether or not they are granted access to certain areas. Access control consists of two main factors that are authentication and authorisation. Authentication ensures the correct person has access to places and information allocated to them. Authorisation is then granted when said person matches the criteria set.

This is managed by both hardware and software and refers to both physical spaces and data storage on servers. There is simply no data security without authentication and authorisation, and should you ever have a data breach or break-in, the first thing insurance will look at is how up to date your access control measures are.

Does the building have a surveillance system?

Installing surveillance equipment such as security cameras, motion sensors, and recording software is key to protecting your most valuable assets and ensuring the safety of your staff. Surveillance systems are also ideal for deterring potential invaders, conducting remote monitoring, distributing intelligence, and improving productivity.

Are my employees trained in security protocols?

It’s all well and good to install the world-class security systems. But if your staff do not receive adequate safety and awareness training, then breaks in the security train will be a regular occurrence.

Security awareness requires your staff to be responsible within the workplace and ensure that they conduct themselves in a manner that ensures both their and the customer’s safety.

Which non-standard security protocols should I consider?

Other than the obvious considerations such as security doors and access control, other less conspicuous factors like the layout of your office need to be considered.

Fewer staff members mean fewer security risks to consider since each experiences their own levels of negligence. Thus, be extremely aware of your employee’s shortcomings. Lighting is an important security feature, since it provides illumination to dull spaces, but is also a psychological deterrent for criminals. Finally, consider the physical spaces you maintain, are your essential assets easily accessible? Or are they locked in secure rooms in the inner parts of your building?

Once all the above-mentioned questions have been answered, you’ll have a more accurate idea of your security needs. The step is to fortify your business property. Here are five key points to remember when you consider securing your business premises.

Have a risk assessment done

The first and probably most important step in securing your business and its premises is to have a risk assessment carried out. This will help you to identify which areas need the most security, where any weak or blind spots are, and which is the most likely entry points for potential burglars.

Set up CCTV and security cameras

Have security cameras installed at the entrances, exits, reception, or check-out points, and in any areas you would like monitored. CCTV and security cameras will capture and store information of who’s coming onto the premises and when they leave. Any suspicious activity can also be easily monitored and viewed later should something go wrong.

Secure the building

Make it harder after business hours to get into your building by securing all entry and exit points. Install security bars over windows and security gates over doors, which can be locked at closing time. The initial cost of securing your business premises may be quite high but having this security in place will bring down monthly insurance premiums, protect your stock and equipment, and ensure the safety of you and your staff.

Have an alarm

Including two alarm systems that are installed in your building will make sure that security companies are immediately alerted should anything happen. The first alarm system for when the business is closed for the day to send a signal should anyone enter the premises after hours. The second alarm system should be installed and readily available for your staff to trigger and call for an emergency response if a robbery happens during operating hours.

Protect your staff

Ensure that your staff are well trained in the event of an emergency. It is important that each member of your workforce knows what to do if a robbery takes place. Train your staff to look out for and recognise any suspicious behaviour and how to properly report a crime. It is also a good idea to make sure that someone on each shift has basic medical aid training and that a first aid kit is readily available.

With a well-secured business, trusted staff members, and an emergency backup plan in place, your business will be at less risk of crime and theft. Remember the best way to avoid a crime at the workplace is to secure your business from an invasion.

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