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Benefits of enclosing your patio

Patios provide many benefits for your home and your family, but if you want to give your patio an upgrade, there’s no better way than to enclose it. If you’re thinking of enclosing your patio but are not yet convinced on whether it’s the right option for you, then learn more about the great benefits that will make you look at your patio differently.

Added home value and increased living space

By enclosing your patio, you are adding an additional room and essentially extending your living space, which means more of your beautiful home to enjoy. This extended living space will also increase that value of your property should you wish to sell in the future. Having a good looking, neat enclosure, will also increase the attractiveness and help you sell quicker.

Protection from the elements

Whether it’s the summer rains or the winter cold, there are certain weather conditions that could limit the amount of time we spend outdoors. Patio enclosures allow you to enjoy your outdoor entertainment area regardless of the weather. A patio enclosure can also be opened on warm summer days or closed in the event of a severe storm or low temperatures.

Safe pet room

Many South African’s prefer to let their dogs sleep outside for security reasons. Patio enclosures provide a safe space for the dogs to sleep and can also optimise your outdoor space. Patio enclosures not only make your home look larger; they but also provide soundproofing, comfort, and overall security.

Customise your living space

No two patio enclosures are the same and it’s up to you to choose how you want to customise yours. With a skilled team of designers and professionals, you can choose to add a new roof, style of walls either brick, glass, or plaster walls, chic aluminium windows and doors, additional outlets and your choice in lighting fixtures.

That’s not where the customisation ends. You can dress your patio enclosure up or down by adding a variety of textured blankets and throw pillows and heaters for added comfort.

Need your patio enclosed?

We design, manufacture, and install aluminium doors and windows, as well as a robust range of expandable security gates and burglar-proofing to meet your unique specifications. All our expandable security doors and windows come standard with the SLAM-Lock feature, providing instant security in times of emergency.

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