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How to Choose the Best Home Security Products

While it may not be something we like to think about, security is a huge concern for many South Africans. According to Stats SA, housebreaking is the number one crime in South Africa. Their report titled Governance, Public Safety, and Justice Survey 2019/20 paints a grim picture. The report found that an estimated 1.2 million incidences of housebreaking took place in 2019/20 financial year, affecting 891 000 households in South Africa. This represented close to 5% of all households in the country.

Fortunately, you are not at the mercy of intruders. There are steps you can take to reinforce your home and deter potential intruders from breaking into your home. While many homeowners are prudent enough to install burglar-proofing  and security gates, some are not sure how to go about choosing the right products.

Here are four tips to help you choose the best security solutions for your home.

Start by Assessing Your Current Security Barriers

First things first: You’ll have to assess the condition of your current security barriers. Keep a close eye on signs of wear and tear, rusty screws, welded bits that have loosened over the years, unsecured external doors, and security gates that no longer slide easily.

Consider the Look

Modern security solutions are just as stylish as they are robust. After all, the security gates and burglar-proofing also form part of your home décor. That said, they should also strike a balance between impressive and imposing. The easiest way to do this is to install quality burglar-proofing and security gates that can withstand the elements. The sheen of high-end security gates and burglar bars gives the impression that they are newly and still sturdy, which is likely to deter a possible intruder.

Balance Price with Protection

Choosing the right security gates and burglar-proofing is a balancing act. One the one hand, you want to get the best protection available for your home. On the other hand, you don’t want to break the bank in the process. That’s why you should find a security provider with a wide range of products suited for your security and monetary needs. Browse our product range and get a quote  to find your fit.

Consult a Professional

If you’re not sure which burglar-proofing or security gate to install, you could always ask an expert. Security experts have a wealth of experience and have probably come across someone who had similar needs to yours. So, instead of trying to figure how to go about choosing the best option for your home, outsource that responsibility to someone that’s done the job before.

Home security is a necessity, not a luxury. You deserve to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is as secure as possible. That peace of mind is attainable; all you need is the right security solution from the right company. Get a signed quote between 1 and 31 October 2021 to receive a 40% discount on all expandable security doors and burglar-proofing.

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