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How to Secure Your Property (3 minute read)

Many residents in South Africa are aware of the high crime statistics that we face in our country. We know that regardless of age, race, location, or income status, home invasions are a reality which can affect anyone and everyone. House robberies are a job and career choice for some people, it is the way they provide for their families, but that does not mean your home should be a target. For ways to effectively secure your home and keep your loved ones safe, follow these six steps and ensure your home is safe from home invasions.

• Ensure that your alarm system and panic buttons are in working order. Contact your security company to let them know you will be testing your system and panic buttons beforehand.

• Switch up your routine to throw home invasion surveillance off. Many home invaders will think twice about your home if there are no predictable ‘quiet times’ to break in.

• Avoid hijackings when you leave for work or get home by changing your routes, becoming unpredictable will make you less of an easy target.

• Keep your property walls or fences free from bushes, trees, and long grass which could help hide invaders or make access to your property easier.

• Have a good relationship with your neighbours and help monitor strange activity in or around your area.

• Do not have a gun that is easily accessible: statistics show the gun will more likely be taken from you, escalate the situation, and potentially be used against you. Gun owners should be aware of the laws and legal ramifications surrounding self-defense in the event of a home invasion.

• Secure your windows and doors properly, this point cannot be stressed enough. Having secure and effective window and door protection will make it a lot harder for potential criminals to enter your home, or at the very least, give you a little extra time to call the police. Install bars over your windows and invest in security doors, this will help to deter home invaders as your home will be harder to gain access to.

Remember the best way to avoid a home invasion is to prepare your home to not be invaded.


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