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Is your security system foolproof? (3 Min read)

As the days are becoming shorter and the weather is becoming colder, it’s time to take a look at your current security routine and consider whether it can be improved. Insurance companies are seeing a spike in claims during the winter months due to more crimes taking place.

Read on to learn what you need to do to secure your property this winter and prevent unwanted intruders from entering your home.

Test Each of Your System’s Components
One of the first things you need to consider when securing your property is to discover what is working and what elements of your security aren’t firing on all systems. Contact your security company and arrange to have each part of your overall security system tested and repaired where needed. Focus primarily on testing your panic buttons, infra-red detectors, alarm system signal, and whether there is any shrinkage on your electric fence from the cold air.

How to Better Your Security
When it comes the safety of our families, property, and sentimental possessions, prevention is the best remedy. Before winter hits, make sure that your window and doors locks and burglar proofing has been installed by an accredited manufacturer and installation company. Install outside lighting to help illuminate any potential hiding places for lurking intruders. If you’re worried about your pets setting off your alarm in the middle of the night, ask your security service provider to make your security system pet proof or have a division put in your home to separate them from the area under surveillance.

Remember General Safety
Practising good safety should be a priority and can help prevent a wide range of mishaps, invasions, attacks, and accidents.
● If you arrive home after dark, make sure there is enough lighting to chase away any shadows and trim back plants and shrubs that sit outside on your pavement.
● Change up your travel routes to remain unpredictable and making it harder to plan an ambush on your way to and from work.
● If you feel you are being followed by another vehicle, take note of the make, model, colour, and license plate number and head to the nearest police station or call your security company.
● Always report any suspicious behaviour or activity in your neighbourhood to your security company and the police and ask for additional patrols.

Get preparing for winter and make security a priority.
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