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Prepare Your Pool for Summer (4 minute read)

The days are getting warmer with summer approaching, and it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming pool and braai parties. One of the biggest tasks that lie ahead is bringing your swimming pool out of winter retirement and ready for months of swimming delight. Here are a few things to consider when getting your pool summer ready.

Start Early
Starting early on your pool preparation is essential for a summer filled with plenty of swimming hours ahead. It won’t only give you a few extra weeks to enjoy your pool, but will also help to deter algae growth that loves to spread in warm weather. Taking care of your pool before the heat sets in will go a long way to maintaining that crystal clear look.

Be Prepared
Before you roll up your sleeves and get to work, make sure you have everything you need available for getting your pool summer ready. There’s nothing worse than getting half way and realising you’ve forgotten an essential tool or chemical. Make sure to include: pool shock, chlorine, chlorine stabilizer, pH alkalinity, and a test kit to your shopping list.

Test the Water
Make sure to test your pool water before throwing in cups of chlorine. Knowing where your pool’s hardness, acidity, and other levels are will help you to get it ready first time round and will help save you money. You can use a home test kit to help determine the levels in the water or take a sample to a pool store and have them run a more thorough test, and get any advice you may need.

Add Your Chemicals
After you have figured out what chemicals are required for your pool, carefully measure and add the selected pool products, making sure you follow manufacturer instructions. Always practice caution when handling pool products.

Allow the Pump to Run
After they have been added to your pool system, allow the pool pump to run until the water is clear. Once the water is crystal clear and ready for swimming, only run your pool pump for 10 to 12 hours a day to save on electricity and allow the system to rest.

Having the benefit of a swimming pool can enhance your lifestyle and give your braais, parties, and family gatherings a big boost in entertainment, but the trick is to ensure it’s in tip top condition for swimming pleasure. When you need a beautifully constructed and secure patio enclosure to accompany your perfect pool parties, give us a call.

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