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Sleep easy with these 14 home security solutions we have compiled for you. From safe zones to multi-layered security systems, all the tricks of the trade


We love our family dearly and instinctively want to protect them at all times. Our home security is often more vulnerable than we realise offering potential burglars opportunities for easy access. 


Here we discuss 14 ways to build a multi-layered security system:


A multi-layered security system is an ideal delay tactic providing an unexpected, additional and unfavourable deterrent to criminals. This means it will take too long to gain entry to your home and they will more than likely decide that to pursue with a break-in and run the risk of being caught is no longer worth their while. 


The following are layers you can consider for your multi-layered security system.


Secure your home from the outside in…



First defence – electric fences and walls

According to our sources a palisade fence allows for more visibility and is often better than a high wall. High walls could indicate that you have valuables to protect, are easily scaled and burglars can be hidden from the street once they have jumped over. Regularly ensure that the vegetation against the inside of these fences and walls is kept clear to prevent hiding spots and ease of access into your property.


To make your perimeter more resistant to break-ins, electric fences and high walls should be enhanced with additional backup security measures like…



Motorised gates

Install a stopper mechanism to prevent motorised gates being lifted off their hinges and ensure that criminals cannot climb over any gap at the top.



Plant thorny shrubs and trees

You can also plant harsh thorny shrubs like bougainvilleas which make for a painful deterrent. 




Beams linked to your alarm are very effective as intruders hate noisy alerts to their presence. 



Interior blocked-off safe zones

Install an inside block-off expandable security door to secure your bedroom and bathroom area at night when your family sleeps. Sturdy expandable security doors fitted with a slam-lock will ensure that a burglar who has gained access into your home will struggle to get into this safe zone

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Take your panic button and cell phone (with emergency contacts and your security company on speed dial) and set the alarm when you lock yourselves in this safe area.



Bright lighting

Burglars prefer not to be seen so place motion-activated lights around your property especially over dark corners and blind spots which will flood your property with bright lights whenever they detect movement.



Robust burglar bars and expandable doors 

Install robust burglar bars and expandable security doors, so that your doors and windows are not vulnerable and easy to access. For additional safety, have a security system wired to your doors and windows to trigger the alarm when entry is forced.


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Alarm systems in the house should be linked to your security company but must be properly maintained, tested regularly and must be activated. Each “adult” family member should know the alarm code, how to respond should it be activated by intruders as well as how to activate and deactivate it.



Dog signals

Small, yappy dogs kept indoors act as perfect warning signals and deterrents. Dogs kept outside can be poisoned or overpowered.



Panic button

A panic button, provided by your security company, must be kept within reach and sight at all times so that it can be activated in an emergency to alert them to immediately dispatch a response team. 



Make sure burglars know that your home is protected

Clearly display your security company’s boards on the exterior of your property so that they are visible from the street.



Hide items which aid home intrusions

Don’t leave ladders, spades or garden furniture out at night which they can use to gain access. Remove these when not in use and put them in the garage or toolshed. 



Regular checks

It is important to do regular checks to ensure your electric fencing and alarm are functioning correctly and that your perimeter beams will activate your alarm when tripped. You cannot afford to be too complacent!


Think like a burglar and take a walk around your property and re-evaluate your security. Don’t make it easy for them to gain access to your property. Protect your loved ones and have layers of security so that just as criminals think they have bypassed one layer, they encounter the next. If it becomes too difficult to gain entry to your home, they will move on to an easier target. 


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