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The Future of Home Security (5 Minute Read)

The predictions which have been made in what the future holds for home security is exciting, to say the least, and here are the top five home security technology predictions for 2020-2030.

1. Smart Fences:
Our perimeter security is often our first line of defence against home intruders. New technology in polymer-coated fences will be able to detect when an intruder attempts to climb the fence and alert the rest of the smart homes integrated security system. This will alert you on your mobile device or an alarm within your home environment.

2. Smart Markers:
Spray systems will be alerted and release a non-toxic chemical-marker that’s incredibly difficult to remove. This chemical marker will allow police to track the movements of the burglar. Incorporating low-flying drones into this system will record video footage of the criminals as well as spray any getaway car with the same chemical-marker. Read here to learn how this technique is being used in England now: https://gizmodo.com/fully-furnished-fake-houses-in-uk-run-solely-to-trap-bu-1429599161

3. Smart-er Cameras:
Cameras and CCTV have already become a lot smarter, but what will the next 10 years do for smart cameras? Predictions show that we can look forward to smart cameras that activate when they pick up suspicious tones and contexts of conversation through voice recognition. This means that these clever gadgets will be able to tell if a burglary is taking place by the conversation taking place.

4. Smart Alarms:
An integrated home security system that speaks to each other is a fantastic way to ensure your home is well protected. Smart alarms can help connect all the security systems in a neighbourhood and track suspicious persons walking about while gathering details. Talk about neighbourhood watch! Some systems will even be able to connect to criminal databases and use facial recognition to determine who the burglar is and or they have a record of violence.

5. Smart Locks:
Smart locks will provide a safe entrance to homeowners and their invited guests while making it difficult for intruders to enter the home. There are two very impressive ideas for smart locks that you can expect to see coming to the market soon. The first will make use of voice recognition, waiting for the family’s programmed voices to command the lock to open or close. The second will send a pin code to the cell phones of the homeowners as they approach the home to unlock the door.

The next ten years look bright in security advancement when we consider home security and home protection.


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