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The Importance of AAAMSA (5 minute read)

At Sequ-Door, we are proud of our AAAMSA certification, not only because we’ve worked hard in achieving both the manufacturing and installation accreditations but also because it allows us to bring our clients the very best in aluminium products and services.

What is AAAMSA?
AAAMSA stands for the Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa and helps customers to determine the difference between companies with professionally manufactured aluminium products and quality installation services and companies which don’t make the standard. Companies with an AAAMSA certification hold it as a badge of honour as it shows the company’s unwavering dedication to aluminium quality.

What qualifies a company for AAAMSA certification?
Companies who want to qualify to be AAAMSA certified need to show they have an established reputation for excellence in their aluminium product manufacturing and installation services. Maintaining these highly-regarded accreditations require Sequ-Door to follow the thorough guidelines set out by the AAAMSA when it comes to both the manufacturing and installation of our products.

Why you should always choose AAAMSA approved manufacturers and installers:
Selecting an AAAMSA accredited fabricator and installer is non-negotiable. The most important factor to consider when choosing your supplier for your home or business project is that the products you choose can do the function they are designed for…over the long term! Many companies will manufacture doors and windows out of the specified limits and as a result, stop working over a short space of time. Another critical reason aluminium doors and windows have limitations in terms of design and sizes is the safety of the unit itself. If suppliers do not conform to AAAMSA regulations you run the risk of your door or window falling onto you, your family or innocent pedestrian. All these factors could lead to unavoidable serious and costly drawback in the future.

What does this mean for customers of Sequ-Door?
When selecting a company to install your aluminium doors, windows, customers can rest assured that choosing a company with the AAAMSA certification will provide the highest quality products and installation skillset. The certificate helps customers to differentiate between sub-par suppliers and their products and those which will deliver what they have promised. The AAAMSA requires each certified company to respond to every complaint registered by their customers. This allows for the most effective and diligent customer services possible meaning the customers voice will always be heard, building a relationship of trust, accountability, and loyalty.

Sequ-Door has worked hard and followed all the regulations set out by the AAAMSA in order to bring our customers the best in service and products.

Have a look at our AAAMSA certifications here: http://www.sequ-door.co.za/certifications/


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