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The stats are in – It’s time to increase your security. 

SAPS has finally released its crime stats for the first three months of 2021. Despite the fact that our ministers are impressed with an overall decrease in crimes by 8.5%, we at Sequ-Door feel crime shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let us help you secure your home and/or business with our wide range of options.


Looking at the numbers

The South African Police Services releases quarterly reports on crime stats that help us analyse crucial areas that need improving. Although we are pleased that the stats have shown an overall decrease in crime, the number of household related break-ins, in particular, have only gone up.


In 2020 during the months of Jan and March, there were a total of 4916. That number has increased to 5288 during the same months in 2021. For non-residential premises such as shops, restaurants, and business. Those numbers have also increased by a marginal 2%.


Despite the fact that lockdown means fewer people are out and about, we are shocked to learn that it has made little to no impact on high levels of crime that we as South Africans have simply become accustomed to.


Durable security products that are custom made to suit your home

Sequ-Door has been proudly serving the community since 2007. Our tailored and vast range of security products are matched only by the professional degree of service that our security technicians and staff provide.


Prepare yourself for what could be a more dangerous year for homeowners, and outfit your home with our selection of durable security products.


Expandable Security Doors

Front entrance, back doors, and indoor passageways need a secure form of access control.


Sequ-Door’s impeccable selection of expandable security doors are manufactured using A-grade materials with no plastic working components. The defining feature of our expandable security doors is their ability to effectively block off intruders. Not only this, but you can also do so quickly and reactively thanks to its key slamlock feature.


Create a safe and secure space for your home with the expandable security doors double lock mechanism. This means that you can quickly slam the door shut with the initial spring lock. In safe situations, the secondary lock is used for manual securing with a key. 


We comply with the highest quality standards and custom make all products to our clients’ needs.


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Burglar Proofing and Burglar Bars

Did you know that a burglary happens at 600 houses a day in South Africa and that a quarter of them are initiated through windows?


That’s right! Being a natural weak point to your home, you need to assess the risk factor of your windows


Windows are the second most frequently accessed point by would-be thieves when breaking into a home. 

There’s no doubt about it. When living in a country like ours, security accessories for your window is a necessity. When keeping your home or business safe and secure, make sure you’re using one of our robust ranges of burglar proofing products.


From security window sliders that follow the same concept as our sliding doors to high spec steel round bars for that extra layer of protection, our products ensure that you and your belongings are protected at all times. 


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Security Shutters 

Partnering up with Blockhouse Shutters, Sequ-Door has envisioned the perfect security solution for peace of mind. All of our security shutters offer amazing versatility and effective light control. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to look at, but offer unparalleled privacy and security.


One of the massive benefits you can expect to receive when purchasing our security shutters is the cost saving factor of rolling a securities product and the privacy of the curtain into one. Window shutters are essential for significantly increasing your residential or commercial security and to improve your overall property value.


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Don’t be caught out without security protection! Be smart, proactive, and safety-conscious. Let Sequ-Door’s expert team of security professionals assist you in creating a secure and anxiety-free environment.


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