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What Is Your Mental State Around Securing Your Home?

Sleep Easy Security 

Does your home lack proper security and keep you awake at night? Did you know that a lack of sleep can be related to conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety and can affect your mental health, playing havoc with your routine and enjoyment of everyday life.


It’s no secret that sleep is essential – as important as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining a good level of mental and physical health. 


Perhaps improving your home security will lead to a better night’s sleep. It’s time to relook at your home security NOW. We have 4 tips to make sure you choose a robust solution to give you peace of mind and possibly a better night’s sleep.


1.Limited budgets means prioritisation

If securing your home all at once is not an option, a great starting point is to begin by securing, or blocking off your primary living area (the bedrooms and bathrooms) as that is where you are most vulnerable – especially at night when everyone is sleeping. At Sequ-Door we specialise in creating SAFE ZONES, one of our experienced sales team can advise you on your best solution.


  1. Burglar Proofing

Sequ-Door is an industry leader in the manufacturing & installation of a robust range of security barrier solutions. No budget is too big or small for us and all our clients receive the exact same quality of materials, product and service.  


Choose from our range of burglar proofing solutions, available in a number of popular powder-coated colours.

  1. Window sliders operate like our expandable security doors – just slide open to enjoy the view or slam shut for a strong security barrier.
  2. Window fixtures which also look like our expandable security door but do not open – offering a high level of security for added protection. These come as a single and double upright option.
  3. Round or flat steel burglar bars secured across the window openings to deter unwanted entry as a light form of security protection.

For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/burglar-proofing-burglar-bars/


  1. Slam it shut for your peace of mind

Expandable security doors

  1. Double Upright square tubing design for added strength.
  2. Additional reinforcing between scissors.
  3. No plastic working components. 
  4. Standard SLAM-Lock on all doors in times of emergencies.
  5. Ideal for securing and blocking off your sleeping and bathroom area when going to sleep at night.

For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/expandable-security-gates/


  1. Beauty & Security all in one!

Security shutters

  1. Strong, Durable, and because they are made from Aluminium – long lasting and low maintenance
  2. Control the light flow into your home.
  3. Are weather-proof. 
  4. All-in-one – As they replace the need for curtains/blinds as well as burglar bars on your windows
  5. Are a stylish and beautiful home décor trend.
  6. Are available in five choices of colour – white, grey, light grey, bronze and charcoal.

For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/security-shutters/


Choosing anyone of these options will give you more comfort, and peace of mind that you have a barrier protection in the event of a break-in. Although no product is impenetrable, securing your home with one of our security products will not only buy you some time, but make it difficult for the intruders.


Security is important but so is your home décor. That’s why Sequ-Door will custom make any of our products in-line with your particular needs and add to your home’s beautiful look and feel.


Don’t delay! Contact Sequ-Door today. Let our robust security options protect you and your family so that you can sleep peacefully and reap its benefits for a happy life, better productivity and better mental health.


PLEASE NOTE: This article is ONLY our opinion, and not true facts, about what the lack of safety can do to one’s mental awareness and health. It has not been checked or proven by a doctor, or any medical professional. We merely intended for this to be helpful and to create awareness.



For some inspirational security options, view our gallery here: https://sequ-door.co.za/gallery/


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