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What makes a Sequ-Door expandable SLAM-Lock door so effective? (5 Minute Read)

Finding a superior security barrier solution for your home is one of the most important decisions you can make. With so many products touted as the ultimate in security solutions, knowing which one to choose is very important.

Here are a few factors that separate our high-quality security doors and expandable security gates from their counterparts.

Quality materials

Our security doors and expandable security gates are made from the highest quality materials with no plastic working components. The door is fitted with tracks the bottom and top of the frame and secured on all four sides, giving the structure additional strength. All our doors include standard SLAM-Lock, additional reinforcements between scissors and double upright square tubing design for added strength.

We adhere to the strictest quality standards to produce industry-leading security products that will secure your property and family. We are SAGGA accredited and are equipped with to provide our clients with glazing compliance certification of an aluminium door or window installation.

If you’re still not sold on the idea of installing security doors and expandable security gates, here are some benefits and features to keep in mind.


Expandable security gates create a solid security barrier when the mechanism locks automatically on impact with the lock catch. The SLAM-Lock feature can be installed and used anywhere within the home such as security zones, at your entrance, and behind your windows. Sequ-Door’s expandable security doors are manufactured with the highest-grade steel. The steel is too strong for an intruder to cut easily, but lightweight enough to make it easy to slam shut.

Our supply and export locations

Sequ-Door has exported to many places all over the African continent with a distribution network expanding to several areas within South Africa which include:
• Potchefstroom
• Kroonstad
• Welkom
• Rustenburg
• Middleburg
• Bloemfontein
• Nelspruit
• Polokwane
• Modimolle

We also supply to African countries outside our borders for further information visit: https://sequ-door.co.za/contact/

If you’re interested in securing your property with security doors or expandable security gates, get in touch for a FREE quote.

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