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Why Choose Sequ-Door For Your Security Needs?

Let’s start with the obvious: Security is a necessity, not a luxury. As bleak as this may sound, it’s the stone-cold reality of life in South Africa. Anyone who’s had a look at the country’s annual crime statistics knows that the numbers paint a grim picture. For those who haven’t gotten around to analysing the latest report, here’s a summary: Lock your doors and sleep with one eye open.

Whether you own a business or residential property, you need high-quality security barriers that can deter even the most determined intruder. If Google, Facebook, or Hellopeter reviews are anything to go by, Sequ-Door is the go-to company for products that fortify and enhance your property. Since 2007, thousands of South Africans have made Sequ-Door their preferred supplier and installer of aluminium windows and security barriers. Here are a few reasons you should consider joining the club:

We’re leaders in the security barrier industry

Do you want a company that gets the job done, or one that gets the job done properly? If you’re looking for the latter, then you’re in the right place. We’ve shunned the well-worn path of creating a bloated product catalogue in favour of a range that gives our customers ample quantity without sacrificing quality.

We always put the customer first

No two people have the same security needs, which is why we always let our customers take the lead. Whether you’re in the market for durable shutters or robust burglar-proofing, our representatives always go the extra mile to make sure your products are installed your way. With over 14 years’ experience under our belt, we’ve perfected the art of creating customised products that are manufactured to order and blend in to your business or residential property.

Our highly trained staff is always willing to help

A company is only as good as its workforce, which is why we’re committed to employing only the most knowledgeable practitioners in all departments. Whether you’re interacting with a sales assistant or installer, you can rest assured that you’re speaking to an expert. A lot has changed since Sequ-Door started operating in 2007 with a modest 10 staff members. But our dedication to hiring only the best employees remains the same, even though our staff complement has since grown to almost 100 personnel.

We strike a balance between style and security

Our security barriers are made to ward off would-be intruders, not potential clients. Long before our representatives speak to a prospective consumer, the budding buyer will have a look at our product catalogue. That’s why we create eye-catching products that are just as sleek as they are secure. After all, who said security barriers can’t be beautiful?

If you’re interested in buying security products from an industry leader with over 14 years’ experience, contact us for a quote.

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