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Why Plan Your New Building Project Now (4 minute read)

Any new building project is a big undertaking, it requires planning, acquiring the right materials, finding the right project manager and a time from the first brick being laid to the finished result. Finding the right time of the year for your new building project is essential to a smooth building process and here are the reasons we say, start planning in autumn.

The outside areas won’t be used as much:
Kids and pets enjoy playing outside during the summer months when it’s warm and the lawn is inviting, but during the winter months, staying indoors to avoid the cold is a given. Braais and outside dinner parties slow down as well, making the winter months ideal for any new building projects to take place in a quiet and less occupied area.

Quality builders and workmanship are more readily available:
During the summer months, builders tend to be in high demand and the builders with the best references will be booked up for months with various building projects and renovations. Choosing to have your building project take place during winter means that you will have more quality builders with great references to choose from and the quality of work will be much better.

In Gauteng particularly, the rains come during the summer months which means that the weather can cause delays in the building process. Not only will the weather provide uninterrupted building, but when spring comes around after your building project has been completed, your garden will have the best time to recover from all foot traffic and building materials.

It’s cheaper to build in winter:
With so many available builders, project managers, and contractors available during the off-peak season, having your new building project take place during winter means that you can try and negotiate on the contract price and materials you will need.

If you are thinking about taking on a new building project or converting your home or business, start planning now during autumn and take advantage of all the great benefits of building and renovating during winter.

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