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Your Right to Safety (4-minute read)

South Africans are not strangers to the dread of load shedding and many of us have a plan of action for when the lights go out, although we don’t always consider our safety plans during this time. With a load-shedding schedule being publicly announcing when the blackouts will occur, burglars are given the opportunity to schedule robberies far more easily. Here are a few tips to planning for load shedding beyond making sure your generator is in good working order and you have a supply of diesel to keep you going.

Back up batteries:
Make sure your gate, alarm system, and your electric fence have a battery back up in-place as these are your first points of security from potential burglars. You want these to continue operating even if there is a power cut. It is also important to have these checked regularly as load shedding will cause them to wear out faster and reduce their functionality, causing false alarms.

Torches & Solar Lights:
Make sure you have a torch available with charged batteries in your car and inside your home. Arriving home in the dark and navigating through your home blind can be dangerous and lead to accidents. Having a torch around can also help you to stay vigilant around your home, and look for signs of danger when leaving or arriving home which would normally be covered by darkness. Alternatively, install a rechargeable solar light to create visibility around your driveway and house entrance.

Keep your devices charged:
Where would we be without our devices? Make sure that you keep your phone, laptop, tablet, and any other chargeable devices fully charged for a scheduled blackout. In case of an unscheduled blackout, invest in a battery charging bank and keep it ready in case the power goes out. Your phone can provide you with a torch and is your best way to call for help in an emergency.

Surge Protection:
It’s always a good idea to unplug appliances, or any electronic devices when the electricity goes out to prevent an electrical spike from damaging them. Always consider an outlet to be live during load shedding as it can be switched on before or after the scheduled time. Installing surge protection devices into your outlets and distribution board can help minimise some damage to your appliances.

Whether it’s a scheduled or unscheduled power cut, taking your safety into consideration is important. Opportunistic burglars and other hazards could make your load shedding experience far worse and every human has the right to safety.

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