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Side Light Windows

Introducing Sequ-Door’s premium range of sidelight windows, designed to enhance your entryways with both style and functionality. Adding side panel windows to your home’s entry spaces not only lightens up the area but also significantly improves your property’s air quality by ensuring better ventilation. These windows create a stronger connection with the outdoors, inviting natural light to flood in while maintaining your privacy. Our sidelight windows are perfectly compatible with our aluminium doors, offering enhanced light and ventilation even when the doors are closed. 

Features and Benefits of Sidelight Windows

Custom Design

Our sidelight aluminium windows are tailored to meet your specific aesthetic and functional needs. With extensive customisation options available, you can seamlessly integrate these windows with your existing décor and architectural style. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more intricate design, our windows will enhance the elegance of your entryway. 

Ventilation Options

We offer different configurations to suit your unique ventilation needs. For instance, our sliding folding doors come with vents built into the last panel, allowing for continuous airflow regardless of the door’s position. This feature ensures that you enjoy fresh air circulation without compromising on security or aesthetics. 

Seamless Integration

Sequ-Door’s sidelight windows are designed to blend seamlessly with your chosen door options, creating a cohesive, polished, and sophisticated look for your entryway. The harmonious integration emphasises a well-thought-out design that enhances the overall appeal of your home. 

Size Versatility

They are available in various aluminium window sizes, catering to both maximum and minimum size requirements depending on the profile thickness. This versatility ensures that you get the best fit for your space, maximising both functionality and style. 

Colour Choices

Choose from a variety of popular powder-coated colours to match or complement your existing colour schemes. The colour options balance style and functionality, allowing you to personalise your entryway to reflect your taste. 

Warranty and Maintenance

We stand behind the quality of our aluminium windows for sale with comprehensive warranties: 

Aluminium Profiles: We offer a 5-year warranty against defective powder coating. 

Glass: Enjoy a 5-year warranty against delamination. 

Hardware: Covered for 12 months to ensure durability. 

Workmanship: Guaranteed for 12 months, providing peace of mind. 

To maintain these warranties, adherence to our maintenance guidelines is essential. All defects will be verified by our suppliers and are subject to proper care as outlined in our “Aluminium-using and Maintaining” document. 

Contact us today and upgrade your entryway with Sequ-Door’s aluminium sidelight windows, and experience the perfect blend of light, ventilation, and style.  

Benefits and Features

  • Custom design
  • Different ventilation options available
  • Seamlessly built in to match your chosen door options from our range
  • Maximum and minimum sizes depend on profile thickness
  • Available in various popular powder coated colours

Warranty and Maintenance

  • 5 years on the Aluminium Profiles against defective powder coating
  • 5 years on the Glass against delamination
  • 12 months on the Hardware
  • 12 months on the Workmanship
  • All defects will be verified by our suppliers against any neglect and further subject to care and maintenance as laid out by our “Aluminium-using and maintaining” document below.

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