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Safety isn’t Expensive, it’s Priceless

In these times of high crime rates, the safety and security of our home and family is important. For peace of mind, regularly check, maintain and upgrade if necessary, that your property is secure both internally and externally and that your family is fully aware of your own internal safety measures and practices. Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

Here are some suggestions for ensuring your security at home…

Your Home Security

Where you should feel the safest is in your own home. So, it’s imperative that, within your home space, you are entirely safe and secure and that your home is impenetrable. Check and be sure that:

  • The frames of all doors and windows are strong and fit tightly.
  • All doors and windows are reinforced with tough burglar bars.
  • Your expandable security doors are sturdy and fitted with SLAM-Locks for added safety in times of emergency.
  • If you have installed an alarm, that it is in good working order. Check it regularly.
  • If you are linked to a security company, that this link is working properly.


Your Home Exterior Security

Security Gates

These are necessary, at the entrance to your property, to barricade and deterrent unwanted intruders or visitors and should, preferably, be automated. 

Whenever you approach your home, be particularly cautious. Scour the area and don’t open the gate from a distance, until you are quite sure all is in order. Drive on if you see anything suspicious or anyone behind you, then phone your emergency contact and alert your security company when you have reached a safe location.

If possible, change your time and route home to avoid revealing a regular routine to any would-be burglars. 


Security Fence

A perimeter security fence needs to be checked and tested regularly to ensure that it is in good working order and hasn’t been interfered with. 



Vehicles are always attractive to burglars so reinforce the security of your garage with robust remote locking garage doors and check that the windows are strongly fitted with tough resistant burglar proofing or are protected by a security window fixture. Always park your vehicle in the garage and ensure that your garage doors do close and lock quickly behind you. If there is an inter-leading door from the garage to the house ensure that it is securely locked. Don’t leave your remote button visible in the car whether parked at home, in your garage or at the mall. 



The exterior of your property and patio should have adequate lighting and/or motion sensors to detect any unwanted intruder’s movements. When not at home, have timer-switches on a few interior lights to give the impression that someone is at home. 


Safety Measures to Take Within Your Home


Each “adult” family member should know the alarm code, how to respond should it be activated by intruders as well as how to activate and deactivate it.


Panic Button 

In an emergency, do not hesitate to activate the panic button provided by your security company. It will alert them to your need for immediate help and they will speedily dispatch a response team.



Keep it on your person, or close at hand, within the home for quick access in an emergency. All emergency contacts should be on speed dial for instant connection and communication. And most importantly, keep it charged.

Interior Hidey-Hole 

Find a safe, easily accessible, out of sight, hidden location within your home where each family member knows, in an emergency, where to find a:

  1. Spare Panic Button Remote
  2. Pepper Spray – useful at home (and in the car) to deter a burglar.
  3. Torch – to guide you in the dark when electricity fails or is deliberately cut by the intruder. 
  4. Keys – don’t leave exterior door keys in their keyholes as this affords burglars an easy escape route. Keep all keys – house, office, car – in your known hidey-hole especially at night when going to bed. 


Fire Extinguisher

This is an essential piece of safety equipment needed for your home (and car) in case of any unexpected dire circumstances and should be easily located.

Safety is of paramount importance, not only yours but that of your family. For peace of mind and to be safe rather than sorry, inspect your home security to test its robustness and to see if maintenance or an upgrade is needed. You need to be sure that all has been done to guarantee the safety of those you love. After all, safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.


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