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Should I Renovate or Buy a New Home?

You love your home, its location and area but… its space is getting a bit too tight for your growing family and, besides, it’s no longer quite as modern as you would like. So, what do you do – stay and renovate, or buy a new home?


It’s a tricky decision! Each option has pros and cons to evaluate when deciding what’s best for you, your family and your financial situation…

Buy a new home?

  • It might take quite a while for you to find the right home in the right area at the right price!
  • Finding your dream home is ideal but what if you cannot find what you are looking for or it is beyond your budget? 
  • A new home comes with transfer fees, bond cancellation fees and various other expenses such as removal costs, possibly new school uniforms, fees, extra travel etc. and may well need some renovating itself. Will this be affordable for you?

Renovate your home?

  • It’s great to renovate if you have a reliable building contractor.
  • If you prefer to have complete creative freedom in choosing the materials and fixtures for your home.
  • Most people want to maximise on their renovation and make a profit when it’s time to sell.
  • Have a valuation of your property done by a certified property professional to ensure that the cost of your renovations will not mean that your house becomes overpriced for the area – making it difficult to sell in the future. But what if it means your house will become overpriced? 
  • Usually renovating the kitchen, bathrooms and adding a bedroom will safely add value to your property. 

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And if neither of these options is financially viable for you?  

Is your motivation for renovating or buying a new property, really just to improve the living conditions and lifestyle of your family? Then, why not consider some smaller renovations which will not only modernise your home and transform it into an aesthetic and stunning living space but will also enhance your security and add more space and value to your home

Sequ-Door has some simply stunning transformation ideas:

Convert to Aluminium doors and/or windows

Convert your old wood or steel doors/windows to Aluminium doors and windows – a modern, attractive, strong, eco-friendly product. Aluminium frames are available in a variety of appealing  popular powder coated colours which will match and beautify any home.

Modify or widen the reveal of your windows

Modify your existing reveals and/or widen these to allow for the installation of larger window units to give clearer views outside and allow for more natural light in.

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Beautify Your Home With Our Super Security Shutters

Be on trend – install our beautiful Aluminium security shutters. They not only let you control the amount of light you want in your home at any given time but also increase your privacy and security. They are ideally suited for internal or external use and even humid areas like the bathroom. Our stylish security shutters are available in five lovely colours – White, Grey, Light Grey, Bronze and Charcoal – to accentuate the interior design of any living space.

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Increase your Living Space and the Value of Your Home

Add value to your home by expanding its living space with: 

Sliding Doors

Replace hinged doors with wider, sleek, aluminium sliding doors which:

  • minimise the space they take up. 
  • can transform an entire wall of your home for clearer views and optimum natural light. 

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Sliding Folding Doors

  • Are ideal for external openings like a patio.
  • Create a seamless feel between the exterior and interior of a property. 
  • When folded away fully, will open up as much as 90% of the doorway or opening.  
  • Strengthen your security as they have multiple locking points on every second panel.

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Patio Enclosures

If your patio is open, it is a vulnerable point of entry. Add expandable security doors to your patio sliding doors to prevent easy intrusion. By enclosing your patio it offers you numerous valuable benefits:  

  • It expands the living space of your home.
  • It blends the interior of your home with the exterior. 
  • When opened up, it will let in lots of light and sunshine and patio activities can still be enjoyed even in inclement weather. 
  • When fully opened will reveal 85 – 90% of the doorway.
  • When fitted with expandable security doors and slam-locked, this heightened security will give you peace of mind – so you can safely leave your children to play unsupervised there whilst you are busy elsewhere inside your home and you can sleep secure and easy at night.
  • It affords you many multi-purpose uses – e.g. as an entertainment area for the family or for hosting parties, a sunroom, or as a TV room for watching sports or movies.
  • It can also be used as safe sleeping quarters for your dogs.
  • As an additional living space, it increases the value of your property.

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Contact us at Sequ-Door, https://sequ-door.co.za/, for stylish contemporary renovations that will transform your home into an amazing beautifully bright, spacious secure home and increase its value. You will just love it!

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