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Transform your home – Spring Renovations

The best way to renovate your home for spring and keep to a budget is to attend to those things that are important and that will add more value in the long-term first. Here are a few suggestions:

Deep Cleaning

Deep clean the interior and exterior of your home and simultaneously assess what requires fixing or replacing. Your home will smell fresh and sparkle and shine again.


A new coat of paint will uplift the exterior facade of your home and change the interior look and feel this spring especially if you opt for a different colour or shade.  It is a job you can easily do yourself to reduce costs but will really transform your home – internally and externally.   


Spring clean your garden – remove all debris, tired and dying or dead plants. Prepare your soil thoroughly. Buy and plant a mix of ready-to-plant flowers and shrubs in a variety of vibrant colours and a few trays of vegetable seedlings from your local nursery for instant effect. Fill in any gaps with rocks, appealing stones or bark. Scarify and aerate your lawn, fertilize it and mow it well. Edge all the flower beds to spruce up your garden.



As home invasions are projected to rise and home invaders target windows, doors and patios – the most vulnerable entry points into a home – how good is your security?


Your beautifully cleaned windows will let sunshine stream in lighting up your home. But have you checked their strength and fit? Will they withstand any burglary attempts? Are they fitted with robust burglar bars? If not, your home security is at risk so consider having them upgraded.

Sequ-Door offers an attractive, robust range of both windows and burglar proofing which can be matched to your home design. Read here for more information:




Have you checked the strength of your doors? If they are not strong enough to protect your family and home from home invaders, then they should be upgraded and strengthened. 

Sequ-Door’s doors are quality made from aluminium, can be tailored to suit your personal requirements and come in a variety of door types and options in pleasing powder coated colours. For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/aluminium-door-range/

Expandable security doors make an excellent protection mechanism as they can be slammed shut easily in an emergency especially with a SLAM-Lock to provide that extra safety. For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/expandable-security-gates/


An open patio exposes and puts your home and family at risk. Enclosing your patio has many benefits – it increases your living space, allows for an indoor outdoor lifestyle but also provides additional security for your home

For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/services/patio-enclosures-service/

With your home and garden beautifully and tastefully transformed for spring, you can now attend to the other less important fixings and replacements you detected. However, don’t let weak and ineffective home security put your home and family at risk. It is of the utmost importance to attend to this earnestly and urgently.

For some inspirational security options, view our gallery here: https://sequ-door.co.za/gallery/

Contact details: https://sequ-door.co.za/

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