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Trendy Patio Décor Ideas In South Africa

Whatever the season, we love throwing open the doors of our patio on sunny days to revel in our indoor outdoor living lifestyle. Get some spring inspiration from these trends to make your patio feel like an inviting safe zone and retreat for relaxing and entertaining in style.


Green your patio by mounting pots and planters on the wall filled with shrubs, ferns and flowering plants like water-wise bromeliads and orchids. 


Soft, lightweight, sheer curtains filter the sunlight, provide privacy from too near neighbours and add warmth to the space.


Lighting is effective in creating atmosphere. Add string lights, ornamental side lamps or overhead contemporary pendant lights ideal for entertaining after sunset.


While patio enclosures may be soundproof and loud music will drown out rowdy neighbours,  playing soft gentle music sets a restful atmosphere for your retreat that family and friends can enjoy.  

5.Extra Seating

Floor pillows, scatter cushions and throws bring life to a patio, adding colours and texture to the flooring and are ideal for instant extra seating. They can be stored away and brought out when needed for children or extra guests. Benches with cushioned tops are multi-purpose – useful for seating and storage – as are ottomans for seating and as side tables


Be trendy and add a small wicker object if your space or budget does not allow for the purchase of a larger wicker piece of furniture. Wicker has made a big comeback in 2020 interior design trends and instantly adds an interesting texture to your patio.

7.Splashes of Colour

Enliven your patio with splashes colour to complement your décor and surroundings – with ornaments, attractive, inspirational wooden wall mountings, loose rugs or other appealing accessories.


With home invasions predicted to increase, the safety and security of our homes and our families is of primary concern. We can only relax in comfort in our homes or on our patios if we know our home security is tight and secure. 

Windows and doors need to be strong and durable, with robust burglar bars Ideally we should have expandable security doors – made from a strong resistant material, like aluminium, with a SLAM-Lock for added safety – that we can easily be slammed shut in an emergency.

If your windows and doors are not strong and tightly fitted, then talk to us, at Sequ-Door, about converting to aluminium doors and aluminium windows

Burglar proofing and expandable security doors are often viewed as ugly and unattractive, but we offer a variety of colours and options to ensure that we enhance the aesthetics of your interior design and “inspire your living spaces”.

If your patio is open, it’s a safety hazard, so rather upgrade your home security with a patio enclosure. This will give you peace of mind and extend your living space which will add value to your property should you wish to sell in the future.

For more information, follow this link: https://sequ-door.co.za/services/patio-enclosures-service/

May these modern patio décor ideas entice you to create beautiful, enchanting safe zones where you can relax and entertain in comfort and in safety under our lovely sunny spring skies. 

For some tempting security options, view our gallery here: https://sequ-door.co.za/gallery/

Contact details: https://sequ-door.co.za/

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