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 In the world of quality aluminium doors, Sequ-Door stands out as a premium supplier of palace sliding doors in Gauteng. Known for our commitment to precision, durability, and innovation, Sequ-Door has become synonymous with redefining living spaces through our cutting-edge aluminium palace sliding doors. 

Key Features of Sequ-Door’s Palace Sliding Doors

Our elegant palace sliding doors have many exceptional features including: 

Double Roller Wheel Technology

Innovative double roller wheel technology ensures effortless functionality with a noiseless and smooth glide, setting them apart from competitors. 

Panoramic Views, Indoors and Out

The large panel allowance provides unobstructed panoramic views, and even when closed, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings. 

Versatile Reveal Openings

With our palace aluminium sliding doors you get flexible configurations that allow for 50% reveal opening in 2 and 4-panel setups, and up to 67% in 3 and 6-panel options. 

This flexibility allows you to adjust light and airflow according to your preferences. 

Ultimate Weatherproofing

Our palace sliding doors are designed to withstand various weather conditions and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the doors maintain their appearance over time. 

Durable Locking Points and Handles

Our locking points and handles exceed industry standards, providing a door that can be securely locked. 

Quality Hardware for a Smooth Experience

We only use premium hardware components to ensure a seamless user experience, putting us a cut above the rest. 

Customisable Ventilation Options

We offer the customisation option of sidelights with vents that offer ventilation while doors remain securely closed. This provides you with both comfort and safety. 

Tailored to Your Space

Our doors come in a range of popular powder-coated colours like White, Bronze, Black, or Charcoal. Choose your colour of preference and seamlessly integrate your doors with the overall look of your home. 

Impressive Dimensions

With a maximum individual panel width of 1500 mm and height of 3000 mm, we can cater to a variety of architectural designs and preferences. 


Even though maintenance on aluminium doors and windows is less than on other materials, it is still wise to properly care for your aluminium palace sliding door, ensuring that it lasts many more years than its extensive warranty. 

Warranty Details

  • Aluminium Profiles: 5-year warranty against defective powder coating
  • Glass: 5-year warranty on glass, protecting against delamination 
  • Hardware: 12-month warranty on the hardware 
  • Workmanship: 12-month warranty on our workmanship 

A thorough verification process by suppliers for defects will be done. This ensures prompt resolution and protects our customer’s investment. Warranty coverage is contingent upon proper care and maintenance outlined in the “Aluminium-using and maintaining” document. 

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your palace aluminium sliding doors are very important. We recommend cleaning your doors in the shade or on a mild and cloudy day and avoiding strong solvents, abrasive cleaners, or abrasive materials like steel wool when cleaning your aluminium doors. Our comprehensive guide the “Aluminium-using and maintaining” document, will provide you with all the necessary information. You can also contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff who would gladly assist you in recommending a regular care and maintenance plan for your specific door.  

Regular care and maintenance of your palace sliding doors preserve the aesthetics of your doors as well as ensure that they glide effortlessly, and withstand the weather for many years to come. 

We offer some of the best palace sliding doors for sale in the Gauteng area, contact us today, and add one of these beautiful doors to your home. 

Benefits and Features

  • Double roller wheel
  • Based on the large panel allowance, these doors can offer great and somewhat unobstructed views, whether open or closed
  • Allows for roughly 50% reveal opening in the 2 and 4-panel configurations, and up to 67% in the 3 and 6-panel options
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Locking point and handle are more durable than that fitted to the standard sliding door
  • Quality hardware components offer a smoother user experience
  • Sidelights with vents can be attached to offer ventilation while the door is closed.
  • Maximum individual panel width – 1500 mm
  • Maximum individual panel height – 3000 mm
  • Available in various popular powder coated colours

Warranty and Maintenance

  • 5 years on the Aluminium Profiles against defective powder coating
  • 5 years on the Glass against delamination
  • 12 months on the Hardware
  • 12 months on the Workmanship
  • All defects will be verified by our suppliers against any neglect and further subject to care and maintenance as laid out by our “Aluminium-using and maintaining” document below.

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